MAINSTREET MUSICALS Inc. utilizes professional script evaluation, industry competitions, and local concert-readings to promote development opportunities for new musicals throughout regional America. MainStreet is a non-profit, tax-exempt (501-c-3) organization.

"Here at MainStreet, we understand that things in this world can get pretty scary; and for many of us, the only thing that calms us down is a little theatrical diversion. Many of my age group remember as kids going to bed at night with a transistor radio under the pillow playing radio drama. It did the trick.

So… for these tough times, we’d like to offer a little little two-part diversion - a radio opera (with some video accompaniment) - BOXES - by (my dearly remembered friends) Eric Salzman and Michael Sahl.

Here’s Part 1. We’ll post Part 2 next week.

BOXES part I


MainStreet Operates Two Programs

Mainstreet’s Evaluation Program- provides creative teams with detailed constructive feedback from professional directors and dramaturgs who determine whether musicals are sufficiently stageworthy to warrant their inclusion in the MainStreet Library.

MainStreet’s multi-venue Promotion Program generates creative partnerships with universities and regional developers. Partners utilize the abundant resources of the American heartland to bring new, valuable cultural opportunities to areas generally under-exposed to new works.

MainStreet is the only independent theatrical clearinghouse that recommends professionally vetted musicals to university theatre departments and regional developers.

Hal Linden and the cast of SHINE. (Cleveland 2011)


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