An Outline


  • A) To (overcome inertia and) attract theatre professors/producers/ADs/students & alumni to visit and browse the LIBRARY
  • B) To recruit professors/qualified alums & local professionals towards positions of Mentorship; and to create a community of Mainstreet Mentors.
  • C) To encourage associations (partnerships) between Mentors & local theatre groups
  • D) To explore the uses of ZOOM (and other such software) for MSM pre-development activities.


  • A) Professor agrees to become a MainStreet Mentor.
  • B) Mentor with student assistants tours Libe and Selects a Work (or Scenes)
  • C) Selections are secured and (with MSM’s help) cleared
  • D) Parts distributed to cast
  • E) MD is recruited
  • F) Presentation dates are selected (w/Creators)
  • G) Pre-recorded scenes/musical numbers are prepared
  • H) Dress rehearsal for TableRead is held
  • I) Presentation
  • J) Follow-up activities


  • A) For Students: unique dynamic journeys investigating Artistic Inspiration & Collaboration Techniques
  • B) For Mentors: Introduction and practice in the Art of Development
  • C) For Creators: Regional Exposure for their work.
  • D) For all participants (especially students): EXPOSURE & OPPORTUNITIES
  • E) For Communities: Introduction of local resources for contemporary Theatrical Art.