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Lynn Ahrens

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Gabriel Barre

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Sutton Foster

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George Hearn

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Thomas Z. Shepard

Tony Walton

Lillias White

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Reflections on the
MainStreet Mission

by Nancy Weber,
MainStreet Co-chair Emerita

A society is as strong or as weak as its education and arts--in a word, its culture, which reflects what is and defines what  may be.  Everything we produce and leave to future generations--technology, consumer goods, financial products, even our weapons of war (and how we as a nation use them or belay them)--devolves from what we teach one another in the many places we learn.  A solid core of knowledge acquired in a classroom, from the ABCs up to rarefied medical science, is only one bulwark of a democracy.  The other is creativity, inspired by the arts, which nourishes and renews every aspect of our lives: homes, neighborhoods, the very nation.

In tough financial times, education still ranks high when it comes to allocating support. But the arts tend to be regarded as a luxury and expendable.  We believe the arts are oxygen itself, without which all else degrades.  

If we are to remain a free and advanced society, we must recognize that arts not only entertain, they teach us to pay attention, to reason and discern.  Art sometimes answers questions, but more often it poses new ones, inspiring audiences to question received opinions.  Art helps us parse who we are, as persons and as a people.  It shakes us up, inspires us to be mad or to love, to reconsider absolutely everything--how we want to look, the work we ought to do, to the political battles worth fighting.

Musical theatre has a special place in the arts. Quintessentially American, infinitely varied, uniquely accessible, it's a brilliant medium for those who are dedicated to keeping democracy thrilling alive.  One moment it's just entertainment, and the next it's a forum for bold, even dangerous ideas.  It's a great forum for risk-takers, anti-repressionists, and those who abhor both intentional and accidental censorship.

The very special contribution of MainStreet Musicals is to separate this precious art form from constraints that few people know are in place.  Our singular distribution system will mean that creative teams can get their work before the public without the need to raise millions of dollars.  Even more important: that public will be all over the country.  We're breaking the hegemony of Broadway--and ultimately Broadway will be the richer for it because the best of our shows will make it to Broadway.  Meanwhile, they will have entertained, inspired, educated, and liberated thousands of Americans who thought--until we came along--that all the good musicals had already been written.

Partnering with colleges, high schools, media, and other cultural and like-minded organizations, MainStreet will build its network of festivals in communities large and small to deliver the tools needed by Americans to protect and project cultural health, strength, and prosperity into the future.  We'll make waves, from coast to coast, and back again.  Stay tuned.