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The Local Festival

In each participating Festival city, a small group of local residents - the Affiliate Team - organizes the basic annual Festival event - the presentation of the “Season” - the three MainStreet Award-winning musicals.  The Team also may explore options to present additional local and/or shared events, as well as any potential for “Run-outs” (explained below).  

One of the local Team must be a member of AEA willing to represent the local professional actors participating in these events.  

Affiliate Responsibilities

The Team must arrange for the use of one or more spaces in which to present the event… normally a minimum of six performances with additional space equipped with a piano, chairs, and music stands, for the rehearsals.  The performance space should accommodate an audience of no more than 100 people.  The Team must recruit a music director and a director for each show.  Directors may supervise more than one show, but probably no more than two.  Then, the directors and the Team must cast the shows and share the “show-pages” that house the materials with their casts.  The other Team responsibility is to get the word out to the local community and to establish a box office.  A little post-Festival party might also be a good idea. 

The Run-out

Once the shows have been presented, there may be opportunities to “tour" one or more of them to nearby towns.  Essentially, the cast(s) and music director(s) are transported to the town(s) for those run-out performances… and then back.  What is needed is a primary contact in the run-out town who can develop the local needs, particularly space, publicity, and box office.

Participating Festival Cities are listed on the left.  Click on a city to see their local Festival information.

Featured shows are selected through MainStreet’s Awards program that begins with comprehensive new works evaluation.

  • Three new Musicals.
  • Two or three performances per show
  • Intimate format - no sets or costumes
  • First look at next season’s blockbusters
  • Partnerships with universities
  • Local and national marketing
  • Sponsorships and Benefits
  • Additional touring features envisioned

Local Festivals are individually supervised by [MainStreet Affiliates] (link to affiliates page), local actors and directors who assemble teams to prepare and present the season.  
Featured shows are selected through the [MainStreet Awards] link to awards page program that begins with comprehensive new works evaluation.

Regional Archive Featured in Festivals

2012: A Country Christmas Carol

2011 & 2010: Shine

New York

MainStreet has produced several special events in New York.