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Mainstreet Award Finalist


Music, Book and Lyrics by
Marcus Hummon and Ted Swindley

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'Warrior' is a musical play about the life and times of the great Native American athlete, Jim Thorpe. Born before the Massacre at Wounded Knee, Thorpe rose out of the poverty of the Indian Territories to become the greatest athlete in the World; gold medalist in the Pentathlon and Decathlon on successive days, in Stockholm during the 1912 Olympics...he returned home as America's most famous athlete, years before Native Americans would be given full citizenship. 

Later, when his medals were stripped from him (for playing minor league Summer baseball in the Carolina League), Jim fathered the fledgling professional football league (later to become the NFL) and played 8 years of professional baseball. His life after professional sports was largely a descent into relative anonymity, alcoholism, marital instability, financial troubles; still, America took time to remember its greatest athlete in the 1952 biographical movie about Jim's life, 'The All-American'...released by Warner Bros. Jim died not long after, of a heart-attack in his mobile home, in Lomita California, his corpse sold by his third wife to be buried in a town he had never visited. The town paid for the body, and re-named itself, 'Jim Thorpe', Pennsylvania.

This is a musical biopic of a great American life...both tragic, and ultimately, triumphant!

The following artists are featured in the demo recordings.
'American Lullabye'
lead vocal: Marcus Hummon
bgvs: Marcus Hummon, Darrell Scott

'Easy To Fall/Hard To Rise'
lead vocal: Mark Luna