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Based on the true story of a young woman who suffered and recovered from one of medical history’s best documented cases of “dissociative disorder” or, what it was once commonly called “multiple personality disorder”.

ACT ONE. In mid 1940’s Omaha, Sybil Dorsett is asked to leave teacher’s college because of an acute nerves. Sybil seeks council from a young psychoanalyst, Cornelia Wilbur, who recognizes something indeed is wrong with the intelligent yet repressed girl. But when Doctor Wilbur asks to treat Sybil further she is thwarted by mother, Hattie. Ten years later Sybil has relocated to New York City to attend Columbia and has moved in with a modern young woman, Teddy Reeves. She again makes contact with Doctor Wilbur who discovers, when under pressure, Sybil reverts to a child, a child with its own name and seemingly own personality. Peggy is gruff and angry while Sybil is subdued and repressed. Eventually seven other Personalities visit Doctor Wilbur and she and Sybil try to locate the reason for her disassociation. It seems Sybil’s mother Hattie was a schizophrenic and physically abused Sybil to the point she would be forced to become other people to deal with the pain and psychological fallout.

ACT TWO deals with finding the root cause, the first separation to Sybil’s psyche and the healing process known as integration, the melding of all eight personalities into one waking self. Meanwhile Sybil finds she has fallen in love with Teddy Reeves, who because of the times, abandons her. This takes Sybil back to a place where her childhood savior, a handsome doctor at a Nebraska clinic, abandoned her to her sadistic mother’s care. From there Doctor Wilbur begins and succeeds with the integration process that will finally make Sybil whole.



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