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The Boynton Beach Club


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The setting is an upscale “Adult Community” in Boynton Beach. We meet MARTY CARTER, going on a morning jog. Suddenly, we hear the screech of car tires.

The scene switches to a local Bereavement Club. Arriving for the first time is JACK GOODMAN, a shy, Jewish widower. He’s befriended by HARRY FANELLI, an aging Lothario. Arriving later is MARILYN CARTER, a housewife, who was deeply dependent on her late husband MARTY—the jogger killed in the first scene: hit by ANITA STERN, who backed out her car while talking on her cell phone. MARILYN is befriended by LOIS PAULSON: an outgoing and sexy 60--‐year--‐old widow. LOIS later lunches at a local diner, meeting DONALD BEST, a handsome and slightly “younger” man, who has her thinking he’s a successful real estate developer. Elsewhere, HARRY has struck up an online flirtation with the sensuous FLORENCE.

At the local senior center, MARILYN is upset to see ANITA STERN and runs out. Meanwhile, JACK embarks on a series of dating fiascos with SANDY WILLS, an elegant, mysterious woman he met at the Club. They’re nonetheless drawn to each other. The act ends with several cliffhangers. LOIS thinks DONALD is a rich “Prince Charming,” as the audience discovers he’s really a bug exterminator. HARRY brags to his poker buddies about his on--‐line romance with gorgeous FLORENCE; however, she’s more than HARRY bargained for. Finally, there’s JACK, who’s preparing a home--‐ cooked dinner for SANDY that catches fire, just as she arrives.


Is full of twists. HARRY discovers FLORENCE is actually a hooker. LOIS discovers that DONALD is not a real estate tycoon but MARILYN’s new bug exterminator. JACK learns that SANDY, who professed to be a widow, is actually a divorcee. MARILYN finally develops the self--‐confidence to confront ANITA STERN. The Act ends on New Year’s Eve, where matters are somehow resolved and everyone recognizes the infinite possibilities for life over 50.


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