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Strong Wings Fly (1185)

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  • SELECT ONE: Adapted from a work in the Public Domain
  • MUSICAL STYLE: Broadway,Folk
  • NATURE: Drama,Educational
  • STRUCTURE: Spoken dialogue with occasional songs
  • APPROXIMATE DURATION (Hrs/Min): 1.5 hours
  • DESIRED INSTRUMENTATION: Piano, bass, guitar, drums, fiddle
  • BRIEFLY STATE THE THEME or MESSAGE: Strong wings will fly.

Cast Description

Principal character descriptions (at the start of the musical):

Susanna (Soprano) 15-year-old pioneer girl, looking for

Otho (Tenor) 17-year-old farmer, son of a wealthy land owner, gets what he wants

Johnny (Baritone) 15-year-old poet, educated, a charming dreamer, drifter

Mama (Mezzo Soprano) Susanna's mother, determined to create the best life for her daughter

Lorraine (Soprano) 29-year-old pioneer woman, fears being an old maid

Jeb (Baritone) 32-year-old farmhand, uneducated, poor

Abraham Lincoln - young lawyer, hopes to join the U. S. Congress

Mary Todd - young ambitious socialite

Mrs. Randolph Davenport - near 30 years old, from a Southern plantation, entitled

Frederick Douglass – Former slave, author, speaker, internationally known

Hear Our Prayer Soloist (Alto) Female


Principal Characters that do not have specific vocal ranges: Abraham Lincoln, Mrs. Randolph Davenport,
Mary Todd


Chorus Requirements
Chorus members need the ability to play multiple roles and ages. Singing and Broadway-style/
folk dancing skills are required.



Every year in Easton, Indiana townspeople who lived in 1837 awake from the dead to act out their triumphs and defeats of their lives in the town cemetery. It starts when a fiddler calls them to life. From the darkness, Johnny, a teenager, springs to life, spinning on his grave. He wants to impress the young teen, Susanna. Lorraine, a spinster, dances on her grave batting her eyes at Jeb, a poor farmhand, hoping he will propose. Abe Lincoln is alive in the cemetery. He eyes the daughter of the tavern owner, James Rutledge, while Mary Todd watches. Mrs. Randolph Davenport comes to life in the cemetery and steers clear of the slave boy that she taught to read. She fears he will destroy her family’s South Carolina plantation. In 1840, Johnny marries Susanna and two years later, they have a son. Six years later, they are separated by the California Gold Rush and ultimately separated by the American Civil War. Before Jeb proposes to Lorraine, he is captured by California Indians and goes missing until 1851. Tragedy strikes the Rutledge girl when she is 22, which allows Mary Todd to become Mrs. Lincoln. Mrs. Davenport’s plantation is destroyed and the slave boy becomes an international superstar.

Some of the stories depicted in STRONG WINGS FLY are true. Some are fictional woven in the history of America. Each character shares something in common. Each wants to change their fate, but do they have the strength? Yes. Even if that means having wings strong enough to fly away from fate toward love

Susanna knows.

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