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Sara Crewe (1182)

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  • TITLE OF WORK: Sara Crewe
  • SUBTITLE: A Little Princess
  • SELECT ONE: Adapted from a work in the Public Domain
  • REFERENCE WORK: A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett
  • MUSICAL STYLE: Broadway
  • NATURE: Family
  • STRUCTURE: Some spoken dialogue: Mostly sung
  • APPROXIMATE DURATION (Hrs/Min): 2 hrs.
  • DESIRED INSTRUMENTATION: Piano or piano and small combo
  • BRIEFLY STATE THE THEME or MESSAGE: Sara Crewe is the story of a girl's journey from an isolated world of make-believe, through the depths of despair and finally into the world of human reality and love.

Cast Description

Alternative Cast Breakdown
(calls for doubling and tripling of roles )

Principals Adults:
Miss Minchin: Headmistress of the school (mezzo)

Captain Ralph Crewe: Sara’s father (baritone/tenor)

Thomas Carrisford: Crewe’s friend, business partner (baritone)


Principal Children:

Sara Crewe: age 10 - 13; (soprano)

Becky: age 10 - 13; (mezzo-alto with belt)

Ermengarde: age 10 -13: (soprano)

Secondary Male Roles/ Ensemble:

Actor 1 (Baritone): Monsieur Dufarge (French teacher); Mr. Barrow (Crewe’s solicitor); Factory Worker; Caroler; Drunk

Actor 2 (Baritone): Ram Dass (Carrisford’s Indian Lascar); Factory worker, Caroler; Drunk

Secondary Female Roles/Ensemble

Actor 1 (mezzo-soprano): Madame Vautrin, Baker Woman, Ensemble

Actor 2 (soprano): Ensemble (Beggar Woman, Caroler, etc.)


Children’s Ensemble

Lavinia: Ring-leader of the girls

Jessie: Lavinia’s side-kick; doubles as urchin

Violet: (school girl): doubles as Janet

Amelia: (school girl): doubles as Kate



When Captain Crewe is wooed into a search for diamonds he leaves his daughter, Sara, at Miss Minchin’s School. Crewe’s parting advice to Sara is -- make a friend or two. However, at Minchin’s school, the girls find Sara peculiar and are jealous of her privileges. Minchin dislikes Sara, but hopes to secure more of Crewe’s money.  News comes that Captain Crewe is dead. Sara is now an orphan and penniless. Minchin puts Sara to work as a servant. Sara is thrown from a world of silks to a world of coal scuttles. Becky, the scullery maid becomes Sara’s guide through this new world and the two become friends. In her attic, Sara pretends that she is Marie Antoinette, abandoned in the Bastille. This only fuels the schoolgirls’ taunts. Frightened that Sara is losing her grip on reality, Becky encourages Sara to see the beauty of the real world. One night, Sara’s friend, Ermengarde visits Sara’s attic, bringing a basket of goodies. Minchin discovers the “party” and promises punishment in the morning. The girls are crushed, but during the night Carrisford and Ram Dass transform the attic into a warm, cozy home.The next morning, Minchin orders Becky to leave the house. Sara chooses to follow Becky, because friendship is better than make-believe. In the streets, Sara and Becky look for work, but get little. Their luck changes when Mrs. Farnsworth offer them room and board in exchange for work. Months later, Ram Dass finds Sara in the park. Carrisford wants to adopt Sara, but Sara says she can never go back to living the life of a princess. When Sara learns she is an heiress, she asks Carrisford to help her start a school for poor children in the neighborhood. Carrisford agrees. Sara is overjoyed at the prospect of once again having a real family.

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