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How To Marry A Divorced Man (1179)

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  • TITLE OF WORK: How to Marry a Divorced Man
  • SELECT ONE: Adapted
  • REFERENCE WORK: Same as above by Leslie Framm
  • MUSICAL STYLE: Rock & Country
  • NATURE: Comedy or Satire
  • STRUCTURE: Spoken dialogue with occasional songs
  • APPROXIMATE DURATION (Hrs/Min): 2 hours
  • BRIEFLY STATE THE THEME or MESSAGE: Living with another human being is a series of accommodations
  • NUMBER OF SETS: 9 suggested

Cast Description

LAYLA DIAMOND: Late 30's.  A rock and roll reporter looking to settle down,  Mezzo Soprano.

GRACE DIAMOND: 60,  Layla’s mother, a daytime soap actress with a loose grip on reality, Soprano.

BO ROSENBERG: Late 30's.  Sports agent, divorced, potential husband,  Baritone.

MOLLY ROSENBERG: 14, Bo’s daughter.  Smart, precocious and perhaps a touch psychotic.  Soprano.

GLENDA FINE FORMERLY GLENDA ROSENBERG AKA BETTY BLACK: Late 30's, Bo’s ex-wife,  an ex-punk rocker with needs,  Soprano.

KEVIN ROSENBERG: 16, Bo’s son.  A prep school brat and Romeo,  Tenor.

WHITMAN R. GINSBERG: 30's. Member of the Landmarks Preservation Committee, looking for love, Tenor.

Grace and Molly can be played by the same actress.
Kevin and Whitman can be played by the same actor.
At times, some of the characters act as chorus.


Layla Diamond, a rock and roll reporter in her late 30’s, decides it’s time to settle down.   Following the advice of her daffy mother she adopts what she thinks is her best option, a divorced man.   She sets her sights on a charming sports agent with a needy ex and two obnoxious children.   Frustrated, she tries setting up the needy wife with a new boyfriend, which backfires.   While trying to fix her Divorced Mans problems, Layla makes one miscalculation after another, adopting false identities, causing multiple mix-ups, and turning her marital quest into a hilarious farce.

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