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The Meetin' (1168)

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  • TITLE OF WORK: The Meetin’
  • SELECT ONE: Adapted with permission
  • REFERENCED WORK: Short story by Langston Hughes entitled 'Mother and Child'
  • MUSICAL STYLE: Jazz or Blues; Gospel or Soul; Folk; Opera or Operetta; jazz folk opera with elements
  • NATURE: Comedy or Satire; Drama or Tragedy; Romance; Educational; elements of all except fantasy
  • STRUCTURE: Some spoken dialogue: Mostly sung
  • APPROXIMATE DURATION (Hrs/Min): 90 minutes
  • DESIRED INSTRUMENTATION: Scored for 8 AfricanAmerican
    (operatic) voices pno/acoustic bass/drum, voln/viola/cello clarinet/flute/ oboe/ sax trpt/horn in F (has complete pno/vocal score)
  • BRIEFLY STATE THE THEME or MESSAGE: Setting: rural southern Ohio in late 50's, early 60's. At a monthly missionary meeting At the Salvation Rock Missionary Baptist Church, a conversation ensues about a biracial baby born to this small community and how that event impacts the community. Even thought the catalyst for the conversation is the baby, the ladies start to reveal pieces on the topics of relationships, family, community, love, racism, faith and in short, LIFE.

Cast Description

LOTTIE MUMFORD (TH E PASTORS ’ WIFE): Sister Mumford is even tempered and accommodating without being a pushover. She doesn’t instigate, is not a gossip, and is a good listener. People will confide in her, knowing that their conversations are safe.

SISTER PEAR L JENKINS: A comfortably unmarried woman with an optimistic outlook on life. She is always the voice of reason in situations of conflict.

MRS. SAM JONES: A bit of a snob, but nice. She has created a life for herself by discounting her past, which leads to discounting herself. Her own opinions will always coincide with what her husband thinks.

MOTHER WIGGINS: Mother Wiggins is much respected as the oldest member of the group and is a mother figure to the community. She has an obvious strong faith in the Lord, is a wise woman, and a survivor on many levels.

SISTER HOLT: She is authoritative, opinionated, and skeptical, but funny and means no harm. She doesn’t waste words, but when she speaks, she’s honest almost to a fault.

LUCY DOVE: Her personality internalizes the characteristics of a dove; peaceful, tender, kind and loving. Intuitive, but does not cross boundaries unless she is asked to enter them. She knows about everything and everybody, and is more than willing to give up any information that she knows, but only whenever she is asked.

MATTIE CRANE: Her personality internalizes the characteristics of a crane; inquisitive, very social , and a bit loud. She loves to instigate gossip….(she know just the right questions to ask of her friend, Lucy Dove!), but she also, has a kind and giving nature.

CORA PERKINS: Cora is a young, college-aged woman who has a strong connection with these older women in the church, especially Mother Wiggins. Cora is idealistic, and romantic, but she is an ‘old soul’, and very perceptive.


‘The Meetin’’ (pronounced (mee-ugn) is based on a Langston Hughes short story entitled ‘Mother and Child’.

Time: Late 50’s-early 60’s Place: A small town in southern Ohio
Setting: Church parsonage of the Salvation Rock Baptist Church.

The pastors’ wife, Sister Lottie Mumford, is hosting the monthly meeting of the Missionary Society as a way of showing appreciation for the success of the last months’ community meal. However, the conversation quickly turns to an event in their community....the birth of a baby born of a Negro man and a white woman.

Even though the catalyst for the conversation is the newly born baby, the ladies start to reveal pieces of themselves when the conversations turn to the topics of relationships, family, community, love, racism, loneliness, faith, and in short,...LIFE!

Through these revelations, the character, personality, and heart of these eight women come to life.

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