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Day of Wrath (1165)

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  • TITLE OF WORK: Day of Wrath
  • SUBTITLE: (a musical based on Mary Shelley’s novel, Frankenstein
  • SELECT ONE: Adapted from a work in the Public Domain
  • REFERENCED WORK: (Frankenstein by Mary Shelley)
  • MUSICAL STYLE: Standard Broadway
  • NATURE: Horror, sci fi
  • STRUCTURE: Some spoken dialogue: Mostly sung
  • APPROXIMATE DURATION (Hrs/Min): 1 hr; 40 minutes
  • DESIRED INSTRUMENTATION: piano for now (eventually I’d like it to be orchestrated)
  • BRIEFLY STATE THE THEME or MESSAGE: “Day of Wrath”, based on Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, is a musical with a sweeping romantic score, about the human need for love and companionship.
  • NUMBER OF SETS: unit set

Cast Description

CAST:  4 men, 1 woman

Victor Frankenstein  (tenor) Scientist  age:  23

Alphonse Frankenstein (bari/bass)   Victor's father age : 60

Elizabeth Lavenza  (soprano)  Victor's fiance'  age : 22

Henry Clerval  (tenor)  Close friend of Victor and his family  age:  23

Creature  (bari-tenor) Victor's creation

Innkeeper and Spouse  (double as Father and Henry respectively)

{Cast could optionally be supplemented with a few dancers, in a full production.}


“Day of Wrath” is a musical with a sweeping romantic score, about the human need for love and companionship.

The plot:  It’s Frankenstein.  Shelley’s Frankenstein;  No Hollywood’s Igor.  Not a parody, and yes, everyone dies at the end.

Having lost his mother at a young age, Victor seeks to end man’s mortality and arrogantly enters territory beyond his control.  Having unconditional love from his Elizabeth, he grants his creation none. 

While horror is present; as well as the theme of scientific responsibility, the tag line “Without love, what is life?” describes the overarching theme of the piece.   So while derived from Mary Shelley’s work, I have made it my own.


New York Musical Theater Festival (July 2015),  3 staged readings:
(director: Katharine Pettit; music director: Mila Henry)

Emerging Artists Theatre New Work Series (October 2014), staged reading:
(director: Angie Kristic; music director: Mila Henry)

Amateur full production of first draft; Clinton, NJ.  (October, 1990)

Finalist in the 2016 Shawnee Playhouse Original Playwright Series.
Public Table-Read (April 2016)

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