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My Mother, Myself (1159)

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  • TITLE OF WORK: My Mother, Myself
  • SELECT ONE: Original
  • MUSICAL STYLE: Broadway
  • NATURE: Drama
  • STRUCTURE: Some spoken dialogue: Mostly sung
  • APPROXIMATE DURATION (Hrs/Min): 2 hours
  • DESIRED INSTRUMENTATION: I have prepared a full instrumental accompaniment on 2 CDs. I also have piano-conductor scores available, but would prefer use of the CDs.
  • BRIEFLY STATE THE THEME or MESSAGE: My Mother, Myself reveals the connection between adult daughters and their mothers, and how this impacts their relationship with other women.

Cast Description

Five adult women and five upper elementary-age girls

AMANDA: Musical Director (age, mid-thirties and mid-fifties) Mezzo

MANDY: The child within Amanda/Cast (age 6-10)  Mezzo

SUZANNE: Director and Choreographer (age, mid-forties) Soprano

SUSIE: The child within Suzanne/Cast (age 6-10) Soprano

TONI: Artistic Director (costumes and set design)/Actor (age, early forties) Soprano

ANTONIA MARIE: The child within Toni/Cast (age, 6-10) Soprano

ROXY: Technical Director (lighting, sound, carpentry)/Conductor (age, upper forties) Alto

ROXANNE: The child within Roxy/Cast (age 6-10) Alto

HARRIET: Managing Director/Reporter (age, early fifties) Alto

SISSY: The child within Harriet/Cast (age, 6-10) Alto


My Mother, Myself reveals the connection between adult daughters and their mothers, and how this impacts their relationship with other women.  It is actually three musicals performed within one: Amanda’s musical which is a tribute to her mother, the flashback story of Amanda’s connection to the other four women who run the musical theater group of which Amanda is a part and the production about immigration being staged by those women.

Amanda, the protagonist, is developing a musical about her mother, and subconsciously seeks “mothering” from antagonist, Suzanne, who  initially enjoys the admiration, but later sabotages Amanda’s efforts.


#1 Overture

Scene One: The show begins during the final afternoon rehearsal before the opening of Amanda’s Broadway musical which is based on the life of her mother, a novelist of acclaim. The five young girls represent the "child within" each of the five adult characters in the musical (#2 The Child Within Us). Amanda, with Mandy, remains at the piano thinking about the opening of the show and her mother’s death (#3 Close to My Heart). After the rehearsal Amanda is interviewed by a reporter and they discuss the musical and Amanda’s mother (#4 Whatta Woman). The voices of the reporter and Amanda continue through most of the musical and tie the scenes together.

Scene Two: Suzanne is rehearsing the actors in the Immigration Show (#5 America) as Amanda watches. After the rehearsal the five women have a meeting. Toni expresses her frustration with her mother (#6 Nothing is Ever Good Enough). A discussion ensues about dreams and realities (#7 Destiny). Amanda appreciates Suzanne’s support to take on more responsibility (#8 Sister Friends). The girls and women contemplate their place in life (#9 Present Participle Round-About).

Scene Three: Suzanne offers advice to Amanda on choreography (#10 Just Keep it Simple). Amanda rehearses (#11 Diversity). Amanda tells Roxy about the musical she is writing about her mother (#12 Follow in My Footsteps). The women discuss weekend plans (#13 Superwoman). Suzanne feels upstaged and dejected (#14 Until You Came Into My Life).

Scene Four: Suzanne begins to get jealous of Amanda’s success and plots behind her back (#15 I’m Sure Not Going to Be Stepped On). Roxy reminds the others of their own motives (#16 The Thrill of the Theater). Amanda and Suzanne break apart (#17 Dance of Connections).Roxy counsels Amanda not to have unrealistic expectations about her mother or Suzanne (#18 Pedestals).

Scene Five: Amanda’s musical is accepted for production (#19 Why Couldn’t You Be Happy?). She resigns from the Women’s Theater Group and begins rehearsals for her musical (#20 I Remember a Time). The girls demonstrate a recently added song (#21 Sound Advice).Amanda makes peace with her mother’s death (#22 Who Will Nurture Me?) The show concludes with an understanding of the complexities of mother-daughter relationships (#23 My Mother, Myself).

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