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Starboard Home (1157)

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  • SELECT ONE: Original
  • MUSICAL STYLE: Standard Broadway
  • NATURE: comedy or satire
  • STRUCTURE: spoken dialog with songs
  • APPROXIMATE DURATION (Hrs/Min): 100 min.
  • BRIEFLY STATE THE THEME or MESSAGE: “Titanic” meets “Gilligan’s Island” (with a splash of “Downton Abbey”!) in this maritime merriment set aboard ship on New Year’s Eve, 1899.  Six memorable characters; three couples split up, then reunite; a mysterious ring appears over and over; and a giant whale get snagged in the anchor and starts towing the ship to places unknown.  All contribute to the merry musical mayhem.

Cast Description

ROSIE O. GRADY - feisty Cockney lady’s maid to LADY GOODENOUGH; belt and soprano (some mock opera)

DAVY JONES -  earnest butler to LORD GOODENOUGH, short to medium stature, tenor

PAMELA POSTLETHWAITE -  a no-nonsense “modern woman,” physically agile, alto belt

LORD GOODENOUGH - a dashing rogue, sophisticated in demeanor; tall, baritone

LADY  GOODENOUGH - his discontented “trophy wife”; tall (5’9” and up), soprano and high belt

CAPTAIN  CATHCART - the bumbling skipper at the helm of this New Year’s cruise; character man, bass/baritone

All British/UK accents. 

Age range: mid-20’s to late 40’s


Act One:  December 31st, 1899, “All aboard, Southampton to Marseilles”; all ponder wanting/not wanting to go (AT SEA). Departure: Rosie surprises Davy; he’s vexed, she bonks him (WAKE UP AND LOVE ME).  Lord Goodenough sells his wife’s stolen ring to Captain Cathcart; he muses on survival (LIE, LIE, LIE).

The Captain enters a stateroom, hearing distress. Pamela (former amour) rues his captainhood (DECISIONS, DECISIONS); he buys her silence with the ring.   In her stateroom. Lady Goodenough mourns its loss (LOOKING FOR THE JOY).

Davy, pushing Lady Goodenough’s trunk (Rosie’s inside), interrupts Pamela’s exercising (TAKE CARE).  Pamela, annoyed, bonks him.  Rosie emerges, Pamela regales her (FIT FOR THE FIGHT), bestowing the ring toward Rosie’s “New Womanhood. “ Rosie places it in Davy’s pocket.  Awakening, Davy delivers the trunk for the masquerade (PICCADILLY POSH).  All are now disguised.  Investigating the ship’s lurch, the Captain finds a whale has grabbed the anchor, towing all westward – toward America.

Act Two: Segue.  All lament lacking a leader (SINGULARLY UNPREPARED).  Amid panic, emboldened in disguise, the Captain makes Rosie first mate, following schedule (NO MORE).  He gives Pamela/Lord a pantomime; Lady G., recognizing her husband, flees.  All follow; Pamela/Lord ponder new ‘old’ love (NEVER MIND).

Davy confronts the Lady with truths (THE TIME AND PLACE), hers and his. Flashback: December 31, 1898.  It’s Lexi LaRue’s encore: finding the right man (LEXI’S LAMENT).  She excitedly receives encore gifts.

Back on deck: Captain, Rosie try calming the whale (LITTLE ONE). All join search for Davy/Lady/ring.  In ballroom, Lady reveals her true identity (BIG MAMA WAS WRONG).  Davy solves the ring issue (each wants the OTHER to have it) by tossing it overboard.  This wakes the whale, who heads for England.  All feel pulled to their misplaced pasts; Rosie, suddenly insightful, proclaims otherwise (FINALE: TAKE THE TURN), with arrival of midnight, Auld Lang Syne, and fireworks off the English coast.

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