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La Giara (1143)

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  • SUBTITLE: (The Water Jug)
  • SELECT ONE: Original
  • MUSICAL STYLE: Musical Memoir
  • NATURE: comedy or satire
  • STRUCTURE: some spoken dialog: Mostly sung
  • APPROXIMATE DURATION (Hrs/Min): 2 hrs. 15 min.
  • DESIRED INSTRUMENTATION: piano (main instruments), guitar, bass and accordion
  • BRIEFLY STATE THE THEME or MESSAGE: La Giara is a story about longing for the past and the cultures from which we originate.   An historical and auto-biographical work, La Giara, addresses themes of oppression, sexism, and immigration that Patricia’s family experienced in adapting to a new world, with powerful music and story that intends to uplift and give meaning to the immigrant story for all American immigrants.

Cast Description

Six actors listed in order of actor appearance.  They all play ENSEMBLE roles.

Young Nunzio (Tenor) early 20’s

Maria/Mimi – (Soprano) late 20s. – Mimi (Soprano)-also plays Saloon Person (Double role)

Norma (Soprano/High Belt)- also Saloon Person – late 20s

Eugene (Tenor) – also plays gangster – late 20-30

Annunziata (Soprano) middle aged

Adult Nunzio (Baritone) middle aged


Hot-tempered Nunzio, explosive as the volcanic Mount Etna in Sicily back home, thinks he wears the pantaloni in his family until his wife and two grown daughters suddenly disappear, leaving behind a successful family bridal business in Philadelphia, changing their names, and jumping a cross-country train. Their goal: to get as far from him as possible. When he finally locates them, with the help of a private detective two years on the case, Nunzio discovers that his female “bimbas” are more resourceful than he imagined, making a successful living in Denver Colorado.

But an incident from Nunzio’s past in Sicily has determined his misfortune - if only he had thought before rudely cutting into the town water line and breaking his Aunt Vincenza’s water jar. If only he had known Aunt Vincenza would someday be his mother-in-law. If only he knew it would cause a lifetime family curse.

Nunzio must make right and buys an impressive mansion to persuade his family to return to him. He creates a lifestyle that charms those on the outside looking in. But inside the fairy tale palazzo--full of gold mirrors, fountains, operatic music and singing birds-- sad spirits are longing for love to quell the family curse.

Long-shattered family relations are healed later by the Minissale grandchildren, but only after their mother has broken from old world traditions, and they find that it’s not only La Giara that has survived the cracks and damage that Nunzio has caused!

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