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Beautiful Dreamer (1152C)

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  • TITLE OF WORK: Beautiful Dreamer
  • SELECT ONE: Original
  • MUSICAL STYLE: Rock / Pop / Eclectic
  • NATURE: Drama or Tragedy
  • STRUCTURE: Some spoken dialogue: Mostly sung
  • APPROXIMATE DURATION (Hrs/Min): 90 minutes
  • DESIRED INSTRUMENTATION: 2 Guitars / 2 Keyboards / Bass / Drums
    Beautiful Dreamer is desperate attempt to try to understand and empathize with the human minds doing their best to cope with the world today - the constant threat of random senseless mass killings (particularly in our schools), our obsession with fame, our immediate access to each other through social media, and the bizarre isolation that seems to go with all of it. Beautiful Dreamer is a peek into a day in the lives of those at the center of it all: teenagers.
  • NUMBER OF SETS: 1 (A Classroom. Rest can be suggested)

Cast Description

KATHERINE – 16-year-old female. She’s a loner, but she is the oldest AND watches every news channel religiously, so knows everything. She also has a pretty mean speed habit … crushing and snorting any upper she can find … pretty much, whenever.
Vocal Requirements: Alto. Indie Rock Sound. Ani Defranco with the abandon of Janis Joplin. Strong Rock Belt. G3-D5 (Belt) E5 (Mix) (Opt. G5-Mix)

NICOLE – 15-year-old black female. She is also a loner, but she is the Vice President of the sophomore class and takes that VERY seriously. Actually, she seems to take everything VERY seriously - in part because she is en route to becoming the President of the United States, and in part because she is in love with her teacher, Mr. Millister – with a little bit of ‘breaking through the race barrier’ in the mix.
Vocal Requirements: Soul Soprano. Very Soulful sound with also a pure sound. A la Corrine Bailey Rae. Should be comfortable riffing. Ab3-Db5 (Belt) A5 (Mix)

AMANDA – 16-year-old white female. WES’ girlfriend. President of the sophomore class – due solely to her popularity. She keeps a video blog on her cell phone in hopes of becoming a reality TV star.
Vocal Requirements: Pop Mezzo. Mix of Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, and Beyonce. Should be comfortable riffing. C4-E5 (Belt) F5 (Mix)

CHARLIE  - 15-year-old white female. MOHIT’s best friend – though they are on ‘the outs’ in a big way. Today is her first day back from rehab for a very serious eating disorder.
Vocal Requirements: Soul Mezzo. Think if Adele and Kelly Clarkson had a music baby. A3-G5 (Mix Belt)

DANNY – 15-year-old white male. He is loner. And very smart. And picked on at every turn.
Vocal Requirements: Clean Pop Tenor. Sound of a young Disney Hero. B2-A4 (Belt) B4 (Strong Mix)

MOHIT – 15-year-old Middle Eastern male. CHARLIE’s best friend. He is in love with her. In fact, his whole life seems to center around his love for her and his frustration on miscommunicating that every time he opens his mouth.
Vocal Requirements: Baritone. A pure simple singer/songwriter sound. Think Rufus Wainwright with an Aragua twist. B2-G4 (up to Opt B4 – Mix)

WES – 15-year-old white male. AMANDA’s boyfriend. His life seems to revolve around his love for AMANDA and his love for video games. As of now, it may be a tie.
Vocal Requirements: Rock Bari-Tenor. Needs the articulation and rhythm precision of Eminem. C3-G4 (Opt B4 – Mix)



Beautiful Dreamer opens on KATHERINE, a 16‐year‐old rock star playing to a crowd of thousands, ripping into today’s society, declaring the world’s so crazy that no one will ever be safe until everyone is gone. With that, she is awoken out of her dream by the sound of a school bell.  It’s Tuesday morning and another school day has begun. Her classmates AMANDA, CHARLIE, NICOLE, WES, MOHIT, and DANNY run into the hall just as an announcement comes over the PA with instructions not to leave the building; when they get to class they receive more news that their teacher won’t be coming at all.

The show spans this single class period as we dive into their imaginations now running wild. AMANDA is so excited by how famous she’ll be if her school is under attack that she calls the police and reports a (false) bomb threat. Excitement turns to paranoia.

Attempting to control the situation, DANNY pulls out a gun - just as the police arrive. The students use the class TV to watch the news unfold. Hearing gunshots they realize it’s them. DANNY is shooting them. This isn’t what he meant; it’s not how he imagined it. But no one is stopping him, so he takes it further and reveals a bomb. KATHERINE escapes, while the remaining students are left to retreat back into the safety of their imaginations as the bomb goes off. 

KATHERINE returns to the classroom sometime later ‐ every sign of what happened there is completely erased, except for the memory of her classmates. Trembling, she delivers the same rant that opened the show: this time realizing she is wrong; she is not better off without everyone – in fact, her classmates are the world she’s been wanting to save all along. And so, looking at them, she makes one final plea:

“Wake up!”

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