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Taking Care of Mom - the musical (1133F)

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  • TITLE OF WORK: Taking Care of Mom- The Musical
  • SELECT ONE: Original
  • 5. MUSICAL STYLE: Broadway
  • NATURE: comedy and drama
  • STRUCTURE: Spoken dialogue with occasional songs
  • APPROXIMATE DURATION (Hrs/Min): 1 hr 30 min
  • DESIRED INSTRUMENTATION: Violin, cello, double bass, piano and percussion
  • BRIEFLY STATE THE THEME or MESSAGE: A family struggles to prevent Mom from committing suicide.

Cast Description

TED - age: 30s-40s. Tenor. Ted is Mom and Dad’s son. He works as a writer for a New York magazine. He came to the city expecting to be a great success and he’s been disappointed. He’s been out of touch with his family for over two years. 

MOM - age: 60s–70s. Mezzo. Mom is a retired biology teacher recently diagnosed with dementia. She studied the disease and decided to kill herself. She told her family and has been making preparations. The final items on her checklist are: her son, her cat and her life.

NATALIE - age: 30s. Mezzo. Natalie is Mom’s niece. After her parents died she developed an interest in suicide prevention. She lives with Mom and Dad and works for the suicide hotline.

DAD - age: 60s-70s. Baritone. Dad is a retired business owner. He is easily frustrated with Ted and considers him unreliable. Dad loves Mom and wants to grow old with her. He does not want her to die.



Ted, who’s been out of touch with his family for many months, receives a message from Mom to come home. He calls Dad and learns Mom has dementia and plans to kill herself. She wants to see Ted before she goes. Ted arrives and meets Natalie, Mom’s niece who now lives with them. Natalie, Dad and Ted make a plan. They plan to delay Mom until her temporary “lapses” become permanent so that she loses the ability to take her life. They give Mom wine and she has a “lapse”.

Mom wants to find a new home for her cat. The cat is found dead, which speeds up the count down. At the cat’s funeral, the eulogies are about Mom. Natalie struggles with Mom and she has a lapse, which Natalie says is “the big one”. Dad tells Ted: “If Mom kills herself, I will too”. Dad and Ted plan to watch her 24/7. Dad will take first watch. Ted will take over at 3 am.

Dad wakes in the morning exactly where he was. Mom is missing. Ted didn’t show up. They find a note from Mom saying she will jump off the bridge. Dad is angry and leaves to find her. Natalie blames herself. Ted explains the fault is his. Natalie leaves to find Dad.

Mom returns and talks with Ted. She asks him to hold her hand as she dies. Ted refuses, not wanting to encourage her. Dad and Natalie return and try to change Mom’s mind. Ultimately they accept that it’s her decision. Mom attempts to use her equipment but has another lapse. Ted assists her and she dies. A year later in a park, Dad Ted and Natalie meet to scatter Mom’s ashes and say a few words.

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