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Hit Song! (1123F)

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Selections from the score may be listened to while opening the various other components in pdf.

Please note:  The songs in both vocal/score and audio forms do not perfectly correspond with the lyrics as written in the script.  The revised script changes have influenced song changes, as has rehearsal and recording time with our musical director who often acts as an arranger once he has actors to work with.  We’re catching up.

The Halloween Parade is undergoing revision.  Projections will be eliminated as the lyrics expand.

Also, numbers 11a (Intro to 37th Street) and 11 are actually one song, which is how the audio is sung, but the scores were written separately.


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  • TITLE OF WORK: Hit Song! the Musical
  • SELECT ONE: Original
  • MUSICAL STYLE: Country,Electronic
  • NATURE: Drama,Educational
  • STRUCTURE: Spoken dialogue with occasional songs
  • APPROXIMATE DURATION (Hrs/Min): 80 min
  • DESIRED INSTRUMENTATION: Piano OR Recorded tracks for all or some of the songs
  • BRIEFLY STATE THE THEME or MESSAGE: Hit Song! is a new musical about an autistic 12-year-old boy who along with his mother is abandoned by his country music star father. When tragedy strikes and his mother takes her own life, his father returns and finds that his son helps him as much as he helps his son as they connect with their mutual love for music and art.

Cast Description

BILLY Phoenix:  Johnny’s twelve-year-old son, on the Autism Spectrum.  As with many people on the Autism Spectrum, Billy is quirky and has large mood swings.  Under stress Billy presents with “hand flapping” and other symptoms.  He avoids eye contact and does not like to be touched.  Billy has a rich inner-life where he is creative and perceptive.

Johnny “Phoenix” Canyon:  Johnny is around 45 years old, and BILLY’s father.  He’s a real authentic Nashville country music star, tall and lanky with a great voice, really good rhythm guitar player, and a lot of charisma.  He dresses in “Country” style cowboy boots, hat, blue jeans, etc.  Johnny tends to drink too much and is prone to telling “half truth’s”. 

Lexie Le Barnes:  Billy’s school Guidance Counselor about 35 years old. Lexie has beauty, and she’s got grit.  She possesses a strong singing and speaking voice.  Lexie practices “tough” love.

Edna Hollobowitz/ Crossing Guard:  BILLY’s classroom teacher. Portly, in her early 50's, Edna is somewhat insensitive toward special education students’ needs.   Edna sprinkles her vocabulary with Yiddish phrases and words.  Doubles as school crossing guard.

Jesse:  Bartender at the Two-Time Inn. Very handsome in a rugged way.  Jesse is a barroom philosopher in his Late 40's.  He has a good singing and speaking voice.

Billy’s Mother/Jodi Smith:  Beautiful, with a great figure, about mid 40’s. Doubles as Billy’s Mom and Jodi Smith Social Worker.

Student:  15 -16yr old school boy(s).  Tough guy, and a bully.


Billy Phoenix, a twelve-year-old boy with Autism is trapped in his own little world.  Already confused and isolated, his existence takes a sudden tumble when he finds his mother; his best friend and only known relative, dead from a drug overdose.  She had raised him as a single mom after his father, Johnny Canyon, a fallen Country Music star deserted them when Billy was very young.   Bewildered, alone and confused Billy is forced to re-unite with the father he never knew.  With the Guidance and devotion of school counselor Lexie Le Barnes, Billy commences a journey to discover himself and his father while Johnny Canyon comes to realize the incredible and unusual talents Billy has as a wordsmith.  As Johnny helps Billy realize the talent within his previously lost self, Johnny too discovers a sense of purpose more important than scrambling to write the next, elusive, HIT SONG! Together they help one another discover what is special and unique within themselves.  Interlaced within the story is a love affair that had ended and is re-kindled between Johnny and Lexie in the midst of Billy’s crisis.

In addition to losing his mother and re-uniting with a father whom he blames for his mom’s suicide Billy must contend with students bullying him, and a teacher who does not believe in treating “Special Education” students “special”. 

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