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The Age Of Innocence (1122C)

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  • TITLE OF WORK: The Age of Innocence
  • SELECT ONE: Adapted from a work in the Public Domain
  • NATURE: Period Romantic Drama
  • STRUCTURE: Some spoken dialogue: Mostly sung
  • APPROXIMATE DURATION (Hrs/Min): approx. 2'15"
  • DESIRED INSTRUMENTATION: THE AGE OF INNOCENCE is currently scored for solo piano and is suitable for a MAINSTREET FESTIVAL presentation. Ideally, the work will be arranged for a chamber orchestra in future productions.
  • BRIEFLY STATE THE THEME or MESSAGE: THE AGE OF INNOCENCE, set against a society in decline, concerns issues of American identity and freedoms.
  • NUMBER OF SETS: 20 implied

Cast Description

NEWLAND ARCHER   a young successful lawyer, late 20s, High Baritone
MAY WELLAND   Newland's fiancée and, later, wife, 22, Soprano

MRS. WELLAND   May's mother, early 40s, Soprano

ELLEN OLENSKA   May's cousin from Europe and a Countess by marriage. Speaks with a faint European accent, early 30s, Mezzo-soprano

JULIUS BEAUFORT   A British banker and close friend to Ellen, mid-30s, Baritone

MRS. MANSON MINGOTT   The matriarch of the Mingott clan and the grandmother of Ellen and May, early 60s, Mezzo-Soprano

ENSEMBLE (8) 4 Women, 4 Men, mid-20s to mid-50s/SATB
Portraying New York Society, performers, clergy, workers, servants and the following roles:

DALLAS ARCHER   May and Newland's eldest child 

LARRY LEFFERTS  Authority on all matters of taste and form

REGINA BEAUFORT   Julius' Southern wife

MRS. ARCHER   Newland's mother

HENRY and LOUISA VAN DER LUYDEN   Cousins of the Archers and the most powerful people in New York society

GRAND DUKE OF ST. AUSTREY   Honored British guest of the Van Der Luydens

NASTASIA   Ellen's Italian maid

MR. LETTERBLAIR   The senior partner of Newland's law firm

NED WINSETT   Newland's friend and a writer

CLERK   Employee of Newland's law firm

MISS BLENKER  The youngest daughter of the Blenker family

MR. RIVIERE  Count Olenski's emissary


Set in 1870s New York society, THE AGE OF INNOCENCE tells the story of Newland Archer, a young attorney engaged to the loving but conventional May Welland. When he encounters her European cousin, the beautiful and mysterious Countess Olenska, his life is forever transformed. Torn between duty and desire, Newland confronts implacable social forces and his own contradictory nature in his quest for a true, authentic life

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