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Angel In My Heart (1116C)

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  • TITLE OF WORK: Angel in My Heart
  • SELECT ONE: Original
  • MUSICAL STYLE: Opera,Broadway with sung-through passages
  • NATURE: Comedy, Romance, Fantasy,
  • STRUCTURE: Some spoken dialogue: Mostly sung
  • APPROXIMATE DURATION (Hrs/Min): 1 hour 45 minutes
  • DESIRED INSTRUMENTATION: Scored for piano, flute and cello (with possible sax doubling on the flute)
  • BRIEFLY STATE THE THEME or MESSAGE: The enduring nature of love, and how unseen forces can influence our lives. And inspire love.
  • NUMBER OF SETS: 4 or 5

Cast Description

Brian Hayes, a handsome young artist in his late 20's. Meticulous and WASP-y, but with a genuine romantic streak. A shopping addict, but not closed to more spiritual interests. Tired of the bar scene, and ready to overcome a basic shyness for the possibility of falling in love. Baritone.

Bernie Lightenberg, Brian's best friend, about the same age.  A real paradox: an Orthodox Jew who is also gay. And in love with Brian, whether he admits it or not.  A real yente who has to know everybody else's business.  And becomes enthusiastically judgmental when he learns it. Baritone.

Keith Barton, an advertising copywriter and hopeful playwright. A few years older than Brian. Very much into New Age spirituality, crystal healing and angels.  These are some of the ways he eases the pain of having lost a lover to AIDS.  Tenor.

Michael, Keith's dead lover. An angel who looks after him, guides him and comforts him. And loves him selflessly enough to want to see him move on in his life. High tenor.


Angel in My Heart is a musical romance about love, loss and shopping in the pre-cocktail era of AIDS. The story centers on two seemingly mismatched young men who are destined for each other. KEITH BARTON is a copywriter at a fragrance company, who has lost his lover to AIDS. He is having a hard time moving on with his life, though he comforts himself with spiritual beliefs, meditating and communing with his dead lover MICHAEL. BRIAN HAYES is a handsome art director who is brought into the company where Keith works, and falls for him on first sight. Not much for spirituality or meditating, Brian is more into weekly shopping trips with his orthodox gay best friend BERNIE. From the start his reasons for taking his new job go beyond career; he begins chasing a resistant Keith and convincing him to go out with him. Bernie does his best to discourage this romance, especially when he learns that Keith doesn’t know his HIV status. But they are all up against a powerful unseen force: lover Michael is doing everything in his power to push the two young men together. And since this is a romantic fantasy, love wins.

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