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The Nose (1111C)

A One-Act Musical for Young Audiences
Based on the story by Nikolai Gogol

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  • TITLE OF WORK: The Nose
  • SELECT ONE: Adapted from a work in the Public Domain
  • MUSICAL STYLE: Broadway with a Russian flavor
  • NATURE: Comedy
  • STRUCTURE: Spoken dialogue with occasional songs
  • APPROXIMATE DURATION (Hrs/Min): 50 minutes
  • DESIRED INSTRUMENTATION: Piano, Violin, Balalaika
  • BRIEFLY STATE THE THEME or MESSAGE: Don't laugh at others for their disfigurements. It isn't so funny when you're the one being laughed at.

Cast Description

4 men/ 2 women

Man 1 - Baritone
KOVALYOV, a mid-level civil servant. 30 – 50.

Man 2 - Bass
CHIEF OF POLICE, a round, red-faced, thickly-bearded fellow. 40 – 60.
BORIS, a peasant. 20 – 70.
PATIENT, a young gentleman. 20 – 50.

Man 3 - Tenor
THE NOSE. A person-sized nose. Aristocratic and nasal. 30 –60.
IVAN, a thief. 20 – 70.
DOCTOR, a city doctor with roots in the provinces. 20 – 70.

Man 4: B2 – C4 (any voice type)
INSKIWINSKI, a barber. 20 – 50.
OLGA’S SERVANT. 20 – 70.
CLERK (M/F), a newspaper clerk. 40 – 70.

Woman 1 – Mezzo Soprano
MATROYSHKA, a spirited young servant with a damaged left arm.15 – 30.

Woman 2 - Soprano
OLGA BABALOVNA YANKOVA. A bad-tempered lady. 110.
RADINKA, a peasant. 50 – 70.


Petty bureaucrat Kovalyov has always prided himself on his good looks and laughed at disfigurement in others, but his tune changes when his own nose up and runs away! Disguising itself as a higher ranking bureaucrat with fancy uniform and plumed hat, his nose sets out on a mad dash through Petersburg, and Kovalyov finds that whatever the consequences, he must follow his nose.

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