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Girl Powers (1109C)

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  • TITLE OF WORK: Girl Powers
  • SUBTITLE: a dark musical comedy
  • SOURCE: Original
  • NATURE: Comedy or Satire
  • STRUCTURE: Spoken dialogue with occasional songs
  • APPROXIMATE DURATION (Hrs/Min): 90 minutes
  • DESIRED INSTRUMENTATION: This show can be successful with solely a piano. Ideally, we'd like piano, bass, drum, 2 keyboards and guitar.
  • BRIEFLY STATE THE THEME or MESSAGE: The theme is about how fame can tantalize and corrupt a young person as easily as an adult.

Cast Description

MARY POWERS, 13; aspirations to become a famous ballerina

IZZY BEDFORD, 13, Mary’s loyal, life-long best friend

DESMELDA RANDOLF, school principal

JENNY POWERS, 35, Mary’s mom; a diehard tree hugger

TEDDY POWERS, 35, Mary’s dad; a used-to-be tree hugger

BOBBY, 13, Mary & Izzy’s classmate

SHELI, 13, Mary & Izzy’s classmate

KIWI, 13, Mary & Izzy’s classmate

The same male actor plays:
COACH COLE, school coach
DR. WAH, the parapsychologist.
COP JEFFERY, a movie star

The same female actor plays:
CLARRISSA, school science teacher
LISA LEMON, the publicist
WINNIE, the talk show host
TINA, the TV reporter
MRS ROBBINS, the dance teacher


A Dark Musical Comedy

Thirteen year-old Mary Powers dreams of leaving her small town of Rockford to become a famous ballerina. One day, she discovers she has inherited the family gift – the power to heal with her hands. After an incident at school, the rumor of Mary’s ability spreads like an oil slick, spreading both fear and wonder. Responsibility falls heavily on school Principal Randolf who takes it upon herself to squash the attention swirling around her student, Mary. But Mary’s reputation only grows – and when the media discover this teen wonder, Mary becomes the mega-pop superstar she thought she wanted to be. Mary gets her own dance videos, fashion spreads, TV interviews, product endorsements, and video games – and according to her estranged best friend, Izzy – hardly resembles the girl she once was. Principal Randolf uses Mary’s stardom to highlight her own campaign for town Mayor, vowing to rid the community of Mary’s over-sexualized influence on the children of Rockford. At home, Mary’s fame strikes a blow on her parents’ already weakened marriage. Mary’s dad moves out of the house. At the same time, Principal Randolf tricks Mary – and her adoring public – in thinking she’s a fake. Mary’s career ends abruptly. Devastated, Mary runs away from home. Rumors of Mary’s possible abduction ignite a new media frenzy; Mary returns home when she discovers Principal Randolf has set her home on fire. The fire extinguished, her parents safe, Mary lies to the TV cameras that she indeed has no special powers. She is an ordinary girl. The media leaves promptly. Mary’s parents cannot make amends – but Mary and Izzy do. She has learned that her abilities, powerful as they are, should be private – and there are more important dreams that You Tube stardom to be discovered.

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