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Space Vacation (051)


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  • TITLE OF WORK: Space Vacation
  • SUBTITLE: The Sci-Fi Musical for the entire family
  • SELECT ONE: Original
  • MUSICAL STYLE: Standard Broadway; Other
  • NATURE: Comedy or Satire; Fantasy; Sci-Fi
  • STRUCTURE: Spoken dialogue with occasional songs
  • APPROXIMATE DURATION (Hrs/Min): 2 hours
  • DESIRED INSTRUMENTATION: Minimal=piano. Better, add drums and then bass. Next would be guitar, then horns.
  • BRIEFLY STATE THE THEME or MESSAGE: A family from another planet on summer vacation. This show is a joyous celebration of a close knit nuclear family. It's an ethical show with caring people who are having the time of their lives on an intergalactic vacation.
  • NUMBER OF SETS: Your move.

Cast Description

While I have attempted to get everyone in the universe into this show, it may be necessary to leave a few folks out. Here is a possible breakdown using eleven or twelve actors.  I am certainly open to your permutations or better ideas.

Lorac , Haon’s mom (also plays Narrator, singing “Bright Yellow Planet” songs) Alto/Soprano.

Ynnoj, Haon’s dad (also plays Narrator, singing “Bright Yellow Planet” songs) tenor with some baritone.

Haon, protagonist -male actor to play 8-9 year old boy. Could be a boy, or a small older child or teenager. Voice needs to be unchanged, using both head and chest voice. Actor may also have to play “Raoul”, a waiter. Could be funny to see that.

Illoh, Haon’s sister.  She is 5 or 6 years old. Girl actor with high voice. Could be small older child or teenager.

Actor to play one of Mr, E’s heads (1), space note 1, rat 3, and a club customer. Tenor/baritone.

Actor to play  Mr. E. head 2, space note 2, French Maitre d’. Tenor/baritone

Actor to play Canyon Guide, Ediug Noynac, Boomchikaboom, space note 3. These are non-singing roles but this actor could also be in the chorus numbers.

Actor to play Shnobafeefuch Moomala, Head Rat. Moomala is low baritone/bass. You could switch the rats around according to vocal needs. Head rat is tenor.

Female actor to play - Shnobafeefuch Shnuneemoonee, Snichycbbalf, Ms. Flahnistilps 1, Motivator on Shirley. Alto/Soprano

10) Actor to play- Shnobafeefuch Karlzbad, Rat 2, Motivator on   Shirley. Tenor, some baritone

11) Female actor to play Shnobafeefuch Chanemonee, Niwteltill, Ms. Flanistilps 2, Archimedea

Actors will also need to play schoolchildren

Chorus songs-  “When Your Father and I First Met”, “Sing a Song of Shopping”, perhaps everyone singing the melody of “Universe is Like a Song Reprise”, “Oh P.S. Eleventy-Two”


(OPENING- BRIGHT YELLOW PLANET). Haon is staring up into space through his telescope while his sister Illoh calls him for dinner (I ALWAYS WONDER). Ynnoj announce that this summer they will rent a rocket and vacation around the Universe (THE UNIVERSE IS LIKE A SONG).  At school Haon’s two-headed teacher Mr. E. discusses summer plans. Teacher and students then sing the school song (OH, P.S. ELEVENTY-TWO).

The family is packing.  His parents plan for a normal vacation, but Haon expects adventures.  Illoh hopes Haon won’t do anything too crazy (WE’RE ON THE ROAD TO A COSMIC ADVENTURE). They take off  (ONE HUNDRED QUARKS) (BRIGHT YELLOW PLANET, REPRISE).

On the beach the kids ask their parents how they met (WHEN YOUR FATHER AND I FIRST MET).  At the water’s edge, Haon has a secret mystical meeting with a being named Boomchikaboom.  Haon is informed that he will meet his adult self during the vacation trip (I’M GONNA MEET MYSELF GROWN-UP). 

At the Cheese Canyons of Umbilicus, Haon gets kidnapped by giant rats.  They tell Haon that they’re sick of eating nothing but the canyon walls (WE’RE EATING OURSELVES OUT OF HOUSE AND HOME). They release Haon so that he can perform a favor for them.

That night, the family takes a wrong turn in space. Ynnoj exits the ship and is attacked by a gang of Space Notes who attempt to dance him to death.  After Lorac also gets attacked, the kids save their parents by singing ONE HUNDRED QUARKS (ATTACK OF THE NOTES, ONE HUNDRED QUARKS).

ACT TWO Employees on “Shirley, The Shopping Planet” try to convince visitors to shop, (SING A SONG OF SHOPPING).  Back at the motel, the babysitter, Archimedea arrives.  Ynnoj and Lorac go to a nightclub, and are entertained by a comedian and an interplanetary family of singers (THE SHNOBAFEEFUCH FAMILY).

Back at the motel, Ynnoj sits alone by his sleeping son’s bed (THIS BOY IS SO SMART).  Illoh wakes up and Lorac and Ynnoj sing (ONCE THERE WAS A LITTLE GIRL), a fairy tale sequence.

They visit a state fair, where Haon wins a warrior doll. Boomchikaboom is in the doll, and promises Haon that he will soon meet his grownup self. Haon and Illoh then argue (SIBLINGS).

The family visits Haon’s former teacher and his two-headed wife and daughter. At the bottom of the liquid nitrogen pool, where Haon is swimming, Bookchikaboom appears with Haon’s adult self. While the two Haon’s converse, Ynnoj, thinking that Haon is drowning, dives into the pool to save him.


Home again.  Haon meets his new teacher, Ms. Flahnistilps, who is a large Amoeba (OH, P.S. ELEVENTY-TWO, REPRISE).

At home, Haon is late for dinner because he’s peering through his microscope. Tomorrow his class trip will consist of being shrunken down to visit an Oxygen atom (WE’RE ON THE ROAD TO A COSMIC ADVENTURE, REPRISE). (THE UNIVERSE IS LIKE A SONG, REPRISE).



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