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Come Take My Hand (050)

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  • TITLE OF WORK: Come Take My Hand

Cast Description

JAROD CROSS: (JC):Mid-twenties, idealistic singer/songwriter with dreams of success. Baritone/Tenor

TONY CROSS: Jarod’s father.  Questions why Jarod wants to be a singer. A good man. Plays life safe and secure. Baritone or Tenor

MADELIENE SPENCER: A writer. Thirtyish, Black British. A popular music columnist and Jarod’s love interest. Soprano

KATHY: Lead Guitarist.  Jarod’s friend since childhood, singing partner and member of his band. Alto

LAURA CROSS: Jarod’s mother. Loving and strong She wants Jarod to follow his dreams.  Alto

SCOTT: Drummer. Muscular. Jarod’s high school buddy. Cocky, but charming. Baritone or Tenor

ROBBY: Bass Guitarist.  Jarod’s high school buddy.  Laid-back. Baritone or Tenor

STASH: Drug dealer. Thirties.  He is sly, smooth, amoral and handsome. Baritone

PATTY CROSS: Jarod’s younger sister.  New U.S. Embassy hire in London. Soprano or Alto

DR. GRAHAM: British Doctor.  Sarcastic.

KIM GOSFORD: British Interviewer.  Male, late thirties.

KENNY: Waiter

ADDITIONAL: Walk-on’s, ensemble singers, bar scene patrons, paparazzi, fans.


Dreams and the possibility of dreams realized. 

There are the hopes of a young man and the conflicts of love, of family and self.  All is not perfect; it is not supposed to be.  All is not lost, true treasure never is.

The opening number, “Dreamers” introduces the audience to Jarod a practical idealist. He has loving parents, but his father Tony approaches life differently and questions Jarod’s dream. There ensues a tug-of-war.  Kathy his closest friend and band mate reminds him what he is made of in the song “Intensity”.  Madeliene hears Jarod’s songs and with her musical connections help him become an “Overnight Sensation”.  He and his band sing about mansions and cars and everything unknown to their life.

Almost as quickly as Jarod and his band become successful, the success becomes a burden.  Jarod starts to unravel. He is pressured by his fans, the press, his band and business relationships - - and he is almost broken. The “Hard Life” takes him down.  Like many before him, he succumbs to an easy way out of his self-imposed despair and is befriended by a drug dealer.

In this downward spiral he feels responsible for his dad’s serious health issue.  His attraction to Madeliene becomes unhinged as she divulges something surprising, an old family tragedy haunts him, and he starts to disregard his friendships and his values.

Jarod reaches his bottom, and it is when he becomes “Crazy In Love” and others reach out to him in “Come Take My Hand” that he finds redemption in all that was never truly lost.


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