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Blood and Fire (034)

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  • TITLE OF WORK: Blood and Fire
  • SELECT ONE: Original
  • MUSICAL STYLE: Standard Broadway
  • NATURE: Drama or Tragedy
  • STRUCTURE: Through-composed: All sung
  • APPROXIMATE DURATION (Hrs/Min): 2 hrs.
  • DESIRED INSTRUMENTATION: solo piano or small orchestra ensemble
  • BRIEFLY STATE THE THEME or MESSAGE: The main theme is tolerance. It is possible for a devout believer and a skeptic to find common ground and love one another.
  • NUMBER OF SETS: unit set

Cast Description

MICHAEL REMSEN (late 20s). Tenor. A first-rate doctor. He is a born skeptic with a sharp sense of irony, yet he is generous and compassionate, willing to sacrifice to help others.

AMELIA WALTERS (late 20s). Mezzo-soprano. A woman of strong faith, an officer in the Salvation Army. At once idealistic and down-to-earth, she exudes serene confidence.

GENERAL WILLIAM BOOTH (around 60). Baritone. Founder of the Salvation Army, he is imposing, self-assured, a charismatic leader.

HARLAN GRAY (around 30). Baritone. Sober, heÕs friendly and warm-hearted; drunk, he can be trouble.

BEN GRAY (11). Boy Soprano. HarlanÕs son. Resourceful and quick-witted, a child of the streets.

LYLE STEVENS (30s). Baritone. Selfish, vindictive. A study in depravity, the anti-Booth.

CLARA STEVENS (17). Alto. Bright and energetic. She has a softness balanced by fierce determination.

DANNY OÕMALLEY (19). Tenor. Funny, feisty and deeply loyal to those he loves. He is BoothÕs self-appointed bodyguard.

NICK MARLIN (30s). Tenor. HeÕll do what he has to doÑlegal or notÑto make ends meet.

DR. REMSEN (50s). Baritone. Every inch a Victorian gentleman, with an abiding faith in his country and his class.

MRS. REMSEN (50s). Soprano. Devoted to her family, cheerful and kind.

FLORA and BETH REMSEN (late teens, early 20s). Altos. Full of life, na•vely optimistic.

CARLTON PRICE (20s). Tenor. Worldly, opinionated. Profits to him are more important than people.

PETER MATTHEWS (30s). Tenor. Witty, suave, assuredÑand callow.



BLOOD AND FIRE is a sung-through musical that draws on the historical antagonism toward the newly formed Salvation Army in 1890Õs London. Fact and fiction mingle freely in a story that is at once intimate and epic.

The central conflict is between Michael Remsen, an agnostic young doctor from the West End, and Amelia Walters, a devout Salvation Army ÒlassÓ from the East End. Despite their differences, they fall in love. Ultimately, Amelia must choose between Michael and a life in the Salvation Army.

Arcing over the entire show is the growth of a so-called Skeleton Army--pub owners, prostitutes, and thugs intent on destroying the Salvationists. Within the framework of this large battle, various plot strands weave together to create a Dickensian picture of good and evil, of disasters and triumphs.

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