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Daisy and The Wonderweeds (031)

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  • Title of Work: Daisy and The Wonder Weeds
  • Please select one: Original work
  • Referenced Work: (Title and Authors, please.)
    Submissions adapted without permission will receive Evaluation Reports but they are ineligible for our competitions.
  • MUSICAL STYLE: Traditional Broadway/ pop rock
  • NATURE- Romantic Fantasy with Social commentary
  • STRUCTURE: Some dialog, mostly songs
  • APPROXIMATE DURATION (Hrs/Min): 90 minutes
  • GIVE A BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF DESIRED INSTRUMENTATION: Piano alone, or, Piano, guitar, percussion, banjo/mandolin
  • BRIEFLY STATE THE THEME, MESSAGE, OR POINT OF VIEW OF THIS WORK: Concrete cannot keep us down! The Power of the Flowers
  • NUMBER OF SETS: One main set; lightning needed for variety onstage

Cast Description

Daisy - G3 @ E6, young ingenue, from 18-30

WonderWeed - E3 @ A5; as young as possible ( We opted for a young adult to play the Wonder Weed)

Daffodil - F3 @ A5; male or female, any age

Tulip - E5 @ A5; male or female, any age


Lilac - D3 @ E5; female, any age

Rose - D3 @ E5; female, preferably mature, but can be played by any age

Nettle - D3 @ E5; male or female; young punk

Aunt Dee - D3 @ E5; elderly female

Floralie - D3 @ E5; female, preferably mature


Dandelion - G3 @ C5; young man, from 18-30

CrabGrass - G3 @ C5; mature male

Herman - G3 @ C5; young male (the archetype of the mail bicycle courier)

Sir Pent - G3 @ C5; male, preferably mature

Burdock - G3 @ C5; male, any age


Mayor Megamore - E3 @ G4; mature male
Tree - G2 @ D4; male, any age


Blooming in sprawling Megapolis, somewhere between Oz and Detroit, Flowers faint when Wild Weeds invade their garden. But when they discover Mr. Much Much Megamore’s plans to pave their garden home, Daisy and Dandelion join forces to fight the Bulldozers. Together, they grow a Wonder Weed that will change Megapolis forever.

Evaluation Form

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