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City of Light (021)

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  • 1. Title of Work: City of Light
  1. 2. Subtitle:
  2. 3. Please select one: Adapted from a work in Public Domain
  3. 4. Referenced Work: (Title and Authors, please.):
    The forgotten works of Sir Arthur Sullivan (Haddon Hall, The Rose of Persia, The Chieftain, The Zoo, The Beauty Stone, The Emerald Isle, Ivanhoe, The Golden Legend, The Prodigal Son, etc.)
  4. 5. MUSICAL STYLE: Opera or Operetta
  5. 6. NATURE: Romantic/comic light opera
  6. 7. INTENDED AUDIENCE: General
  7. 8. STRUCTURE: Some spoken dialogue: Mostly sung
  8. 9. APPROXIMATE DURATION (Hrs/Min): 2 hrs.
  9. 10. GIVE A BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF DESIRED INSTRUMENTATION: Full orchestra desired. Currently being scored for two keyboards, clarinet and stand-up bass.
  10. 11. BRIEFLY STATE THE THEME, MESSAGE, OR POINT OF VIEW OF THIS WORK: Essentially, City of Light is the story of the continuance of life and love after death. (Spiritualist beliefs) Yet it is also a story of moving on with life on the earthly plane after the death of a loved one.
  11. 12. NUMBER OF SETS: 7

Cast Description

MOLLY - Soprano
EDWIN - Tenor
PHILIP - Baritone
KATE - Mezzo soprano
VIOLET - Mezzo soprano
OLIVIA - Treble
ALLAN - Baritone
DR. HYSLOP - Speaking role



Evaluation Form

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