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Alice Lost And Found (010)

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Cast Description

Jerry – resident whom Alice likes (happy to be foil for Alice, although of course not the
man she thinks she remembers).
Jerry is a sweet, lost man. He is beginning to close down, but delighted to have
been designated (by Alice) to be the Jerry she knew growing-up. He allows her to bring
him into her affectionate remembrances. He is primarily a foil for Alice…an object that
allows her to merge her past and present in a way that makes it less bleak than it would
be without him. Jerry comes to life only in response to Alice.

Sara – Alice’s daughter
Sara visits Alice regularly and works at accepting the woman her mother is
becoming, while trying to extend the life and vitality of the mother she loves. She is very
sympathetic to the other residents, seeing optimism in the small experiences they can still
share daily (or almost).

Dora/Dormouse – always asleep (not worth the trouble to stay awake)
Dora is a resident who finds it difficult to stay awake……and not just because she
is tired (from drugs, age, disease…). She has given up doing much at all except waiting
for the inevitable (which she does with some humor). She doesn’t entirely, however,
want to miss anything that might still happen. Her song, Nap Time, reveals a less acerbic
and more sincere longing for her former life.

Pilar/Caterpillar – shy, cocooned, waiting
Pilar is shy and considerate. She re-captures some of her past hopefulness when
Walter decides that he will marry her. She begins to morph into the beautiful creature
she has all but forgotten she was, when Walter romances and saves her.

Clara/Cheshire Cat – grinning adolescent redhead , appears/disappears
Clara is the most troubled of the group. We meet her as she is experiencing a
second adolescence, in which she is haunted by her father’s abuse. She attempts to
separate from parental control (always ‘outa here’), but cannot overcome the recurring
early trauma. Her sometimes playful ways are not sufficient to repress the suffering
always pushing to the surface and inevitably driving her to her final way outa here.

Walter/Walrus – commanding, large w/moustache, debonair
Walter is the go-to person. He welcomes coming to everyone’s aid. He is a
gentleman, an intellect (with a voice-over voice), a philosopher, and still a throw-back to
a time when a man was to be relied upon. He is a woman’s man, as well as a man’s
man….an equal-opportunity good chap whom we are always glad to see.

Matron/Queen – Imperious and large; wants rules obeyed, is overwhelmed; Alice’s
Matron is over-worked in a difficult job. Her attempts to keep order and safety a
priority, are always thwarted by the uncontainable spirit and confused mindset of her
wards. Her life is not what she had anticipated, and she finds it a challenge to accept the
patients as the children fate has given her. Although she finds Alice disruptive, she also
knows that Alice’s spirit is what most keeps her going.

Manny/Mad Hatter – dramatic and anxious about his bad singing voice and inability to
keep time.
Manny must have been in the theater! He has a dramatic bent and wears
everything on his sleeve. He’s embarrassed by a voice that falls short of his own
expectations, as well as no innate sense of timing (except for a semi-conscious
understanding that time is finite…..which all characters share).

Ted and Ted / Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee – short friends, always together, finishing
each other’s thoughts
Ted and Ted didn’t start out as twins, but found each other in the residence and
formed a uniquely supportive friendship. They appear together always and are totally in
sync, finishing each other’s sentences and adding levity to the atmosphere.

Dodger/White Rabbit – Sara’s dog and Alice’s White Rabbit
Dodger is Alice’s embodiment of a sweet death for which she longs.  She loses sight of him, as she falters, losing her way through the last difficult years of her life.   Distracted as she may be by the hurdles of living within the residence, and within a confused reality, Alice never gives up her search for the rabbit……profoundly understanding that it is he and he alone who will lead her away, making room for new life and new stories in a place that gave her hers.


This is the story of Alice who would never have foreseen approaching the end of her life as anyone other than the woman she’d always been.  But as fate and human frailty would have it, Alice is now a muddle of who she was just yesterday, ten years before, a lifetime ago, but also as a perceptive seer of her future.

Using the metaphor of Lewis Carroll’s Alice and her journey, our Alice ages as a victim of Alzheimer’s disease.  She attempts to conduct herself as she always has, but as that becomes more and more difficult,  she embraces the concept of the white rabbit as death --  the only true and appropriate escape from a good life, completed.

The goal of this piece is to present the disease as a state-of-being,….inescapable, yet  with its own internal logic (like Carroll), and dignity (as it is, after all, the condition into which our characters have morphed, through no decision of their choosing).
Unlike other projects’ purpose of depicting the disease, ours is not to portray it as freakish or marginalized, but rather to work within its own universe.  In so doing, I hope to provide a less polarized view of the Alzheimer’s journey, allowing eccentricity, insight, and redemption to be attained by our characters, and appreciated by their audience.

And so Alice and her cohorts spend their days captive in unfamiliar territory.  All still retain unique personal characteristics with which they attempt to harness strength.  Together they give and take the love and support they need to make it through each day.  They drift in and out of their ability to connect to themselves and to one another (most often through music)– sometimes slowly, sometimes with a swiftness that reveals how quickly they are losing control of the present. 

The concept of time passing and the inevitability and appropriateness of passing with it, never eludes Alice.   As a matter of fact, the confusion and heartache are to an extent mollified by her sense of a more cosmic condition….of which she is part.  The more desperate the circumstance, the greater the acuity with which she seems to embrace the remainder of her journey.

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