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The Subway (006)

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  • TITLE OF WORK The Subway: A Musical
    Subtitle Everyday is a Story; Everyday is a Change
    If the work is adapted from the work of another author and the source work is not in Public Domain, MainStreet requires a scanned copy of the "letter of permission." Original
    Referenced Work
  • MUSICAL STYLE Standard Broadway
    Operetta, Jazz, Pop
  • NATURE Romance
    STRUCTURE Some spoken dialogue: Mostly sung
    The show has potential for many instrumental orchestrations; however, ideally, The Subway desires a piano, bass guitar, electric guitar, cello, and drum accompaniment.
    Every day each person has a different story to their lives and an opportunity to change that story for better or worse. the Subway follows the stories of five strangers who are each posed with that opportunity to change - specifically the main character, SCOTT, who has lived his entire life on the New York City Subway, afraid to step up into the city and start a new life up there. The message behind The Subway is that it is never too late to change the course of your life - that life is all about taking chances and risks so that a person can change. Whether it is the character CASEY who loves his best friend, AMANDA, and doesn't have the courage to tell her his feelings, or whether it is the character AMY who is getting married to PATRICK because it is what she feels is the best option for her life and is what is comfortable - the characters in this story are all posed with that same dilemma. Do I dare change myself and take a risk? I believe that audiences will see this message when they attend this performance and be empowered by the stories of these strangers to think about their life and what changes they can make to their everyday stories. Just as the character AMANDA sings, "there isn't another way" but to tak a risk if you want to expect change; thus is the message of this musical.
  • NUMBER OF SETS (or type of scenery) 5-6

Cast Description

(in order of which they appear)

SCOTT – (Baritone-Tenor) male, 23. Scott was left by his mother on the New York City Seven Line and has spent the last fifteen years living on the subway attempting to survive. He was abandoned by his mother when he was eight on the Subway promising him she would come back, and warning him to never leave or else she would not be able to find him. For years, Scott waited exploring the underground world that had become his home. He discovered the deserted derelict 42nd Street Lower Station, closed since March 1981, which became his home. His lack of real human contact beyond the busy commuters who treat him like an animal has stunted his social development. Without friends, he learns about the city above in discarded books and papers people leave behind. Afraid of all the horrors he hears from them, he fears venturing past his underground world, but he yearns for a normal life with friends and love. His conflict grows each day knowing he can never have this as long as he stays on the subway.

PATRICK OGDEN – (Baritone-Tenor) male, 26. Patrick is the manifestation of entitlement. Schooled at the best institutes money could allow, he has been spoiled his whole life. Son and heir to the wealthy Ogden Enterprise in New York City, he was given his position as CFO by his father as a graduation gift for finishing Harvard School of Business. His parents, however, require him to be married by the end of the year or face being cut off due to his wild lifestyle of partying, which has embarrassed the family on more than one occasion. His girlfriend of four years, Amy, met him while at a Charity Event for Cancer. He immediately was attracted to her for her looks, and realized this good girl would make his parents happy. After four years Amy has been expecting a proposal, and Patrick's time is running out with his parents. He has to either pop the question or else be left to fend for himself for the first time.

CASEY HUGHES – (Tenor) male, 28. Casey grew up in Cleveland, Ohio with Amanda Brown. At a young age they made a pact to move to New York City and become Pulitzer Prize winning authors. Since high school he has had a crush on Amanda which he has never acted on. His feelings for her have sabotaged his relationships with women because he cares more about her than whoever he is with. After going to college, they kept their pact and moved to New York City. A temporary job in a copy room allowed Casey to see documents that showed insider trading. After investigating with Amanda they published in an underground newspaper which launched their careers. Being picked up by The Daily York, Casey and Amanda quickly rose in the ranks. He was offered an editor position and accepted believing he can help Amanda achieve their pact. With two years into the job he has been one of the most successful editors that The Daily York has produced and has been able to get Amanda the success he wanted for her. Their dream hasn't been achieved yet, but Casey cares more about Amanda achieving it than himself. He believes that one day she will be able to love him like he loves her

AMANDA BROWN – (Alto) female, 27. Amanda is a Journalist for The Daily York Newspaper. She is originally from Cleveland, Ohio, where she decided at a young age she needed to escape the town by making a pact with Casey to move to New York City and become Pulitzer Prize winning journalists. After college she cashed in on the pact when Casey and her decided to move to New York City. They were quickly picked up by The Daily York when an article unearthing corporate corruption they co-wrote ran in an underground paper as seen by a senior editor. Not one to be locked in the office, she has passed up promotion to editor so she can find the story that will allow them to achieve their dreams. Amanda has an unswerving sense of justice and altruism that puts her at odds with a city full of people who are only out for themselves. Always eager to bring light to interesting or intriguing stories in the city, she is one of the rising stars in journalism. She has a great relationship with her roommate, and boss, Casey Hughes, but is totally unaware of his feelings for her.

MELANIE MEADOWS – (Alto) female, 22. Melanie is an aspiring actress and waitress who left home in Colorado to become a Broadway starlet. Since she has moved to the city there have been nothing, but setbacks for her. On her first day in town all of her luggage was stolen as she tried to hail a taxi. Amy Jones, passing by at the same time, bumped into the fleeing thief as he made his escape, causing him to drop one of the bags. Melanie, in complete disarray with very little, was taken in by Amy. Soon Amy and Melanie were roommates, with Melanie working as a waitress going to auditions. Full of unending enthusiasm that her dreams will come true, she gives Amy the hope she needs to live with her illness. Likewise, Amy keeps Melanie out of the trouble that she seems to constantly fall into. Melanie is one of the few people who know of Amy's illness. A true romantic since she was a little girl, she has imagined her perfect man in yellow shoes coming to sweep her off her feet.

AMY JONES – (Alto-Soprano) female, 23. Amy has been fighting her whole life to raise herself out of the Bedford Stuyvesant area of the Bronx which her impoverished family lived in. Naturally gifted as a leader, she became an integral part of her communities’ slow gentrification. Her hard work paid off, and she was accepted to New York University into their Urban Development program with scholarship. In her sophomore year of college, she was diagnosed with Leukemia. She met Patrick Ogden at a cancer fundraiser, and she fell for his charm and power. She refused to tell him about the Leukemia. She lives with her college roommate, Melanie Meadows, who is one of the few people who know about her illness outside her family and doctors. Beneath the quiet and kind demeanor there is still the spunky youth that defied her surrounding to achieve her dreams of success through education. She works for an Urban Planning subsidy of Ogden Enterprise.

ENSEMBLE REQUIREMENTS – (Bass-Soprano) The production calls for several minor characters (Frankie, Jack, Allison, Matt, Doug, Peter) and then an ensemble for several big singing and dancing numbers that require at least 5 or more actors of mixed genders and ethnicities.


SCOTT, a homeless man who lives his life on the subway runs into a wealthy businessman, PATRICK. He badgers SCOTT, and leaves the train. AMANDA, a journalist, enters on the compartment and is told SCOTT’s vague story. Meanwhile, PATRICK proposes to AMY, and AMY agrees – but PATRICK does not know that AMY is sick with leukemia. AMANDA meets SCOTT and learns about him and asks to be his friend. CASEY, her long-time friend, becomes jealous when AMANDA decides she wants to be SCOTT’s friend and because he has always secretly loved her. AMY meets SCOTT when SCOTT wards off thugs trying to flirt with her. He falls in love with her at first sight, and AMY exchanges her address. When AMANDA returns to visit SCOTT, she convinces him to leave with her the next day. Unfortunately, she is shot right outside his compartment. SCOTT steps off the subway.

SCOTT runs into CASEY. CASEY agrees to find AMY if SCOTT gives him his story. Meanwhile, PATRICK cheats on AMY. AMY takes SCOTT to central park where they share a romantic time together, but then run into PATRICK. PATRICK’s infidelity is exposed as well as AMY’s illness. AMY faints and falls to the ground admist a fight between SCOTT and PATRICK, and she loses her memory of what had happened. PATRICK takes that opportunity to say SCOTT had hurt her and AMY agrees to marry PATRICK. SCOTT moves on and finds a place to live with CASEY and attends AMY’s wedding. There, PATRICK threatens to kill SCOTT, but SCOTT exposes the real story of what had happened and AMY leaves PATRICK and forgives SCOTT. In the end, AMY is on her way to being cured, CASEY finds love with another girl, PATRICK loses everything, and SCOTT starts his new life.

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