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Montreal, Quebec, Canada


Stephen Pietrantoni:


A Country Christmas Carol 

Season’s Greetings from Marley County, U.S.A., where folks don't have a whole lot, but where everybody's doing what they can to make the Christmas holiday crackle. This new country-western musical version of the great Dickens' classic is a tale of redemption and reunion, community and family, filled with a feisty bunch of characters who deal head-on with life's joys and heartaches.  There’s Banker Scrooge, the meanest man in town; his secretary Bobbie Jo Cratchit, a young widow who sings like Patsy Cline and lives in a trailer community with her two small children, Jane and Tim; Scrooge’s lovable ne'er-do-well nephew Dwight; Lavinia, a good-ol'-girl with big hair and an even bigger heart; plus some decidedly Country Christmas spirits.

A Country Christmas Carol zooms by like a Christmas train.  It’s an inspirational and exhilarating show overflowing with the courage and grit of good folks celebrating the holiday season.


December 27th @8pm


Music Director  
Associate Music Director  


Marie Andre´ as Bobby Jo Cratchit and Belle
Pierre Lenoir as Ebenezer Scrooge
Mike Melino as Dwight Scrooge and Young Eb
Sylvia Mauri as Lavinia
Bianca De Luca as Jane Cratchit and Girl Fanny
Trevor Barrette as Tim Cratchit and Boy Eb
Shane Adamzack as Virgil, Dick Wilkins and Spirit of Christmas Present
Maggie Owen as Doris Peach and Spirit of Christmas Past
Sophie Protopoulos as Fanny and Linda Lee
James Milvain as Marley's Ghost, Radio Man an Scrooge's father
Philippe Gobeille as Charley and additional voices