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Main Street Musicals


(partial list)

Lynn Ahrens

Emanuael Azenberg

Gabriel Barre

Patricia Birch

Michael Cassara

Kathleen Chalfant

Graciela Daniele

Stephen Flaherty

Sutton Foster

Sheldon Harnick

George Hearn

Judy Kaye

Nina Lannan

Peter Lawrence

Hal Linden

John Lithgow

Lucie Arnaz Luckinbill

Patti Lupone

Brian Stokes Mitchell

Dina Merrill

Robert Petkoff

Harold Prince

Thomas Schumacher

Thomas Z. Shepard

Tony Walton

Lillias White

Main Street Musicals

MainStreet is proud to partner with Acceptd. Check them out at:

MainStreet is proud to partner with HumanStage.

Human Stage

MainStreet is proud to partner with Victor Herbert Source.
Contact them at 917-815-8899

Digital Original Performance Materials

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Boulevard Tours

MainStreet On-The-Road

Working with independent theatre producers, MainStreet will supply Festivals with touring attractions: sneak previews of new shows, concerts, acts, and other events.  Each show will tour through consisting of two or more MainStreet Festivals

Development’s Final Approach to Production

This program is designed for theatrical producers and artistic directors.  It is hoped that the program’s risk-reducing entry-level opportunity may encourage their decision to undertake a new work’s development.

On-The-Road (OTR) is a new twist on a tried-and-true (albeit currently underused) development concept: the “out-of-town tryout.”  Producers may view OTR as a rational alternative to the more expensive and risky option of “enhancing” a single regional theatre production.  OTR allows producers to tour a bare-bones production of their developing shows through Festival Circuits consisting of three, four, five or more Festival venues.  They can rehearse, revise, and present their shows in the popular, more flexible - and far more economical - “showcase” format. 

BOULEVARD TOURS, a wholly-owned subsidiary of MAINSTREET MUSICALS provides producers and artistic directors with the general management services required to tour events through groups of MainStreet Festivals called Circuits.  Producers fund their own individual tours, and control their own show’s artistic development and marketing activities throughout.  Producers will also benefit from BOULEVARD’S centralized turnkey national and local marketing programs. 

The affordable upfront costs – significantly lower than typical “enhancement” deals -- permit even small and mid-size shows to take advantage of OTR’s benefits. 

BOULEVARD TOURS will serve as booking agents and line producers for MainStreet’s OTR program.  BOULEVARD will provide mechanisms for investment both in individual shows and in complete seasons of touring attractions.  

Artists (actors, directors, music directors, stage managers, choreographers and the writers themselves) will provide their labor at well below fair market rates. In exchange for a national schedule of affordable up-front rates, promulgated union agreements will include contingency formulae for deferred stipend fees and back-end participation. 

OTR makes it possible for producers to become acquainted with new regional investors and all may see improved returns following the Festival season when successful shows move smoothly into regional and commercial production. 

MainStreet Musicals