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Your Name On My Lips

by Eric Sirota


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Lights up: An art studio; A 21-year-old artist on the verge of success, is immobilized. Back 7 years . . .  Sam, an artistically talented boy, is enamored with young Suzanna. Their relationship matures and blossoms into intense romance. But she goes away to college, while Sam, cannot. Sam, initially content with a job as a house-painter and making art in his spare time, puts himself on a path to get into an art institute.

Catalyzed by her college experience (including a growing relationship with a wealthy student,) Suzanna’s “wants” change; Sam’s passions, focus and feelings are steadfast, even in the face of setbacks.

With visions of his future with Suzanna propelling him upward, and a Fantasy-Suzanna, played by another actress, present with him as his muse in Suzanna’s absence, Sam’s art reaches new heights, becoming truly inspired.

Then, in the climax, just when his career gets its big break, Sam learns he has lost Suzanna, forever. She’s made a choice that excludes Sam from her future no matter how much she still loves him.

Sam is immobilized in spite of his opportunity. Yet Fantasy-Suzanna re-appears once more, to tell him . . . actually a self-realization, that the woman he desires has not really been Suzanna for years; she lives in someone else “out there”. He heads out, to achieve success as an artist and to meet the true love of his life.


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