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Book & Lyrics by Dennis Nehamen, Music by Craig Nehamen


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How Far Will A Man Go In The Name Of Love?

Benny Wright wanted only the best for his family; his wife, Jewel, and his children, Dion and Shana. He dreamed of blessing them with all the finer things in life; the wealth and esteem that come with worldly achievement. For Benny, all of that would be achieved through his music; or at least he believed so until one too many dreams crushed had him concluding he was a failure, that he'd never be able to deliver what he had promised in exchange for his family's unswerving support.

In a moment of what he identifies as inspiration, he concocts a scheme to fix his problem. Rational? No. Reasonable? Not by a long shot. Yet, he’s convinced it will succeed. And, in the name of love, he implements his plan coolly, systematically, ruthlessly, step-by-step, like a general executing a military campaign.

Along the way he comes to his senses, realizing that all he has succeeded in doing is destroying his wife's love for him and breaking the hearts of his children. Convinced now that it's too late to regain their love, he slumps into depression. Only through what some would call miracle is he able to find a path back, to rebuild his family.

This poignant and riveting story is so real you have to stop from time to time and remind yourself everything is okay. And just when you think you have regained your footing, you find yourself sliding in a totally unexpected direction.


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