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Under Her Hat

Book & Lyrics by Hana Roth Seavey, Music by Tor Ingar Jakobsen


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Man-shy FST Millinery Design Major Cheryl Roth’s passion for hats goes to the heart of her passion for ‘hat-maniac’ Justin Chen when they meet in the Central Park skating rink locker room. The cross-ethnic couple defy their mothers’ bigotry, marry, and found successful high-end Sashay Hats, Inc., employing Fashion School of Technology Interns. Four years later, Sashay and the marriage are slammed by design theft, economic downturn, and globalization. The couple’s attraction holds: they wind up in bed together, with hopes for saving their company by winning a t.v. fashion runway contest for the ‘Best Millinery Designer of the Year’. But before the contest, Sashay hats flop at their fall trade show: Cheryl’s and Justin’s attempt to demonstrate love for one another by imitating each other’s design concepts is completely misconstrued and both flare into a determination to compete mano a mano in the televised event. Justin wins and leaves for Hong Kong in sync with a promise to his businessman/T’ai Master grandfather, apparently abandoning secretly pregnant Cheryl. Reconciled moms, their boyfriends, wise grandparents--- Gung Gung and Cheryl’s grandma Buhbee---and the Sashay Intern crew kick in to save the pair’s marriage and Sashay, bringing relationship surprises and internet skills of their own. Justin returns in police custody for fighting with the FST Intern Supervisor, the weasily design thief who’s been selling Sashay originals to knock-off factories and street vendors. Released, Justin ‘blows the lid’ off his trip: his grandfather’s Chinese contacts can save Sashay. But Cheryl’s inner journey has given her a firm grip on her priorities. She demands to know:  what’s most important to Justin, their love or business? Put to the test, Justin proves to Cheryl that nothing in his life compares to being together. The couple dances to the Interns’ Caribbean paean to family---canny, resilient Cheryl has turned her hats upside down into lifeboats, retrieving both her love and her company.


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