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The Subway

by Michael E. Braud


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SCOTT, a homeless man who lives his life on the subway runs into a wealthy businessman, PATRICK. He badgers SCOTT, and leaves the train. AMANDA, a journalist, enters on the compartment and is told SCOTT’s vague story. Meanwhile, PATRICK proposes to AMY, and AMY agrees – but PATRICK does not know that AMY is sick with leukemia. AMANDA meets SCOTT and learns about him and asks to be his friend. CASEY, her long-time friend, becomes jealous when AMANDA decides she wants to be SCOTT’s friend and because he has always secretly loved her. AMY meets SCOTT when SCOTT wards off thugs trying to flirt with her. He falls in love with her at first sight, and AMY exchanges her address. When AMANDA returns to visit SCOTT, she convinces him to leave with her the next day. Unfortunately, she is shot right outside his compartment. SCOTT steps off the subway.


SCOTT runs into CASEY. CASEY agrees to find AMY if SCOTT gives him his story. Meanwhile, PATRICK cheats on AMY. AMY takes SCOTT to central park where they share a romantic time together, but then run into PATRICK. PATRICK’s infidelity is exposed as well as AMY’s illness. AMY faints and falls to the ground admist a fight between SCOTT and PATRICK, and she loses her memory of what had happened. PATRICK takes that opportunity to say SCOTT had hurt her and AMY agrees to marry PATRICK. SCOTT moves on and finds a place to live with CASEY and attends AMY’s wedding. There, PATRICK threatens to kill SCOTT, but SCOTT exposes the real story of what had happened and AMY leaves PATRICK and forgives SCOTT. In the end, AMY is on her way to being cured, CASEY finds love with another girl, PATRICK loses everything, and SCOTT starts his new life.


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