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The Play Within

by Julian Breslow


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In a mainstream high school, the students with physical challenges perform a play that highlights their limitations rather than showing who they are on the inside. The girl with quadriplegia enlists the social worker’s help to mount a more honest and realistic production. His efforts meet with resistance from an overburdened or skeptical staff. His encounters with the children reveal their insecurities as they each sing of the inner self no one sees. Conflict ensues among the children, threatening the process. However, ultimately united, the children produce a play demonstrating each one’s unique approach to handling life’s challenges.

Cast Of Characters

Mr. B.:  Itinerant School Social Worker, early 30’s
Annie:  Student, quadriplegic, wheelchair
Lisa:  Student, mild Cerebral Palsy, ambulatory
Rob:  Youngest student, Muscular Dystrophy, wheelchair
Matt:  Student, Muscular Dystrophy, wheelchair
Bill:  Student, breathing problems, mild Cerebral Palsy, crutch
Jimmy:  Student, Spina Bifida, crutches
Mr. Grey:  Principal, late 50’s
School Nurse:  Female, late 40’s (Same actress plays all other female staff)


A regular education High School that includes a classroom for students with physical disabilities.


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