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The Edge

by Nick Choo


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Jarod. Lilly. Deanna. Michael. Ryan. April.

They are connected to Josh, a troubled young man. When Josh declares that he is about to end his life, the six are forced to take a good hard look at themselves.

Jarod, the older brother, has always been Josh’s support system and is inevitably the one who has to clean up his brother’s messes. Could Jarod’s decision to say “enough is enough” have led Josh to make his dark choice?  

Their mother, Lilly, is in a relationship with new man — which Josh refuses to accept. Lilly is adamant that she is going to remarry, while declaring her own disapproval for Josh’s girlfriend Deanna. Could this have been the breaking point?

Deanna, Josh’s girlfriend, is stunned when Josh makes the unexpected move of proposing to her. Did her rejection break his heart so badly that he could see no other way out? 

His best friend Michael has spent most of his life in deep-seeded jealousy over Josh’s free spirit and grandiose ambitions. When a distraught Deanna seeks comfort in Michael’s arms, does this drive Josh to the brink?

Or could it have been another betrayal by Josh’s close friend Ryan, who has — for motives of his own — time and again tried to sabotage Josh’s relationships with women?

And April is the outsider who has learned more about what is going on than she cares to. She soon grapples with the dilemma: when you’re watching from the side-lines, how much can you say and do to stop a tragedy from happening?

The Edge is a contemporary musical with a non-linear storytelling style, comprising sung-through monologues and dialogues in which these characters re-examine their relationships with Josh and with one another, asking: When you are confronted with impending death, who takes the blame?


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