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Swiss Family Robinson

A Musical Adventure
From the Novel by Johann David Wyss

by John Kennedy


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Act I

Emily Montrose is just trying to get to Australia to rejoin her father. She is captured by pirates, shipwrecked, marooned and pursued by fierce Amazons. And then … she meets the Swiss Family Robinson. Having travelled the world and now confronted with domestic tranquility and perhaps even true love, she faces her greatest challenge yet.

The Family, John and Elizabeth with their sons Fritz and Ernst, set about to make a home upon the island.

Dubois, the pirate Captain, M. Spoo, his first officer and crewman Jean Claude pursue Emily relentlessly.

The Hufi warriors, Zizi, Lulu and Ono, seemingly lost, still try to honor their pledge to keep barbarians out.

Dubois attacks the Family. The Hufi attack everyone. Emily, enlisting a clever ruse, almost manages an escape. But her plan backfires. The French capture Lulu. The Hufi capture Jean Claude. They both promise revenge upon Emily and the Family.

Act II

The Family and Emily have built an impregnable tree house. The Hufi and French lurk below biding their time. Fritz seems to warm to Emily’s charms. Dubois serenades Emily. Fritz worries. Emily wants to search for rescue. Fritz refuses to go with her. They part.

Zizi and Spoo meet, lament their status as underlings and fall madly into each other’s arms.

Emily in a canoe and Fritz in the tree house reconsider their decisions. If only they could now find their way back to paradise.

Dubois attacks again, captures Fritz. The Family and Hufi stand by helplessly. Emily swashbuckles to save Fritz. Dubois realizing she loves another, releases her.

The Emily’s father comes to the rescue. The Hufi Queen arrives to welcome the new neighbors. They would like to stay but Emily appears undecided. She could go with her father or … She kisses Fritz.


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