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Secrets of Success

by Ed Weissman & Stephen Randoy


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The J. EDGAR HOOVER Hotel and Casino: Las Vegas

Richard Nixon delivers the eulogy for J. Edgar Hoover as he rises from the grave to retell his story. We meet the major characters.

John Hoover is caught playing “putting on my dress and fixing my hair” in the bathroom and is is bullied by his classmates for years and takes refuge in dreams of becoming a finding and emulating a great hero. Finally, he finds his hero: Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer, the fighting Quaker. Like Palmer, he styles himself J. Edgar Hoover and applies for the job as Palmer’s special assistant and gets it. “Capture and Deport Emma Goldman.”

Emma rallies a huge crowd in Union Squsre. The black woman we’ve seen before materializes as Edgar’s great grandmother. Furious, he pushes her aside, arrests Emma and how he has become the tough guy he always wanted to be.

But Edgar has failed - Emma is released.. He persuades Palmer he’ll succeed this time with a secret weapon.

Palmer, doubting Edgar, hires an assistant for him - Clyde Tolson. Edgar reveals his secret weapon - he is going under cover in his dress.

\Edgar captures Emma, fixes her trial, and sees her deported to Russia.

Edgar and Clyde meet, appearing to discuss the 1919 baseball scandal, they seduce one another. Edgar becomes director of the FBI. Realizing that everyone has something to hide, they use the Bureau to blackmail the powerful and amass power to themselves.

Edgar and Clyde triumph over the years, despite being blackmailed d by Meyer Lansky let the mob build Las Vegas. Though Presidents Hooverr, Edgar and Clyde blackmail tPresidents and their families successfully. They are the most powerful men in Washington until Edgar dies.

Tonight, Edgar delights in the world he has created He will live forever.


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