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by Ilann M. Maazel


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“Full of irony and wit . . . extremely contemporary . . . in the style of
The Book of Mormon.”

Sueddeutsche Zeitung
(the largest newspaper in Germany)


I am a civil rights lawyer. Years ago, I sued George W. Bush to stop the NSA from spying on millions of unsuspecting Americans. Frustrated with the pace of the case, I did what every civil rights lawyer should do: write a musical.

The musical is PATRIOT. PATRIOT is set soon in a dystopian Unified State, but was inspired by real events: Edward Snowden, Guantanamo, and Shubert v. Bush, my NSA case.

PATRIOT won the MUT International Music Theater Competition in Munich, and was a semifinalist at the O’Neill National Music Theater Conference. PATRIOT has been workshopped or presented at the advanced BMI Music Theatre Workshop,  Theater Resources Unlimited, and the Théâtre des Champs Elysées in Paris. NationSwell presented a reading of PATRIOT, followed by a debate between lawyers for Edward Snowden and the CIA about torture, mass surveillance, and patriotism.

The show requires 9 actors (6M, 3W), runs 90-100 minutes without intermission, can use minimalist sets, and has 21 musical numbers in an original style with elements of traditional Broadway and a dark Kurt Weill. It is a satirical drama: funny and at times absurd, but at the end, a serious show about our American future. PATRIOT is written for a general audience.

Short Synopsis

Clara, young, brilliant and patriotic, joins the all-powerful Internal Security Agency as an ISA agent. But when Clara’s vengeful boss, Jack, commands her to spy on an idealistic civil rights lawyer, Tom, she loses faith in the mission. A twisted love triangle, an act of betrayal, a woman who risks everything for her country. Who is a hero and who is a traitor? You decide, in this dystopian drama set in the Unified State.

About the Author

Ilann was a member of the Tony Award-winning BMI Music Theatre Workshop (advanced) and is a member of the Dramatists Guild. His songs and short musicals have been performed at the Flea Theater, the Zipper Factory, and the Producers’ Club. As pianist, Ilann has recorded for Decca and Universal Classics & Jazz, and performed at Lincoln Center and throughout Europe. Ilann is also a nationally-recognized civil rights lawyer.


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