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In The Name Of Love

Music: Donald Oliver
Stories and Lyrics: Marc Acito, Sheldon Harnick, Barry Kleinbort, Peter Mills,
Jim Morgan, David Spencer, Amanda Yesnowitz, David Zippel


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Musical Selections

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The five actors play all the characters in the show.

WOMAN 1:  Younger – plays 18 – 30, Soprano & Belt
WOMAN 2:  Mature – plays 31 – 90, Soprano & Belt
WOMAN 3:  Can play any age, Soprano & Belt
MAN 1:  Younger – plays 18 – 30, Tenor
MAN 2:  Mature – plays 31 – 100, Baritone


In the Name of Love is a musical mosaic about the elusive search for love and the myriad ways we screw it up.

In a series of musical stories—eight individual songs and four extended musical-scenes (“mini-musicals”)—the cast of three women and two men portray characters both fictional and factual, historical and hysterical; disparate, desperate people ranging from Neanderthals to your next-door neighbors, all of them reaching for romance.


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