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Book by Z-Man, Cynthia Topps and Andrea Andresakis
Music and Lyrics by Z-Man and Christopher Gillard


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Musical Selections

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(With doubling, it’s possible with 12 actors)

DREW MOORE- Multi talented dancer/singer/rapper, high school student.

MRS. ROSLYN MOORE - Mother of Drew and Zoe Moore

ZOE MOORE - Younger sister of Drew Moore.

KASSIE MARTIN - Member of the dance crew “Strategy”, Drew’s love interest.

ETHAN MARTIN - Kassie’s younger brother, member of “Reign Supreme”.

CARLA – Hispanic member of Kassie’s entourage, high school student.

AMANDA – Dim but cute Caucasian, member of Kassie’s entourage, high school student.

PYRO - Hip Hop dancer, member of the dance crew “Strategy”, high school student.

TRENCH - Head of dance crew “Reign Supreme”, drug dealer, high school student.

MARCO - Trench’s second, high school student.

JUSTIN - Member of “Reign Supreme”, high school student.

COACH DARNELL WARD – Basketball coach at Hip Hop High

MS. LAUREN - Dance teacher and “Head of Entertainment” of Hip Hop High.

DETECTIVE WALKER - Police detective

DETECTIVE MENDEZ – Hispanic female or male Police detective.

MOHAMMED - Deli owner.



Casting Note:
Listed ethnicities for the characters are preferences, however they are flexible. In any case, casting should be diverse and interracial to reflect an inner-city population. The character of Drew has to be played by a strong dancer/singer/rapper/actor regardless of his ethnicity. The Moore family should be cast accordingly.


Hip Hop High tells the story of a single mother trying to save her son from the gang violence that took the life of his brother. Mrs. Moore relocates her family so that Drew can enroll in Hubert Humphrey High (a.k.a Hip Hop High), a school which is well known for its winning dance crews. Unfortunately, upon arrival, Drew witnesses a hold-up and murder. He has to decide whether to succumb to the ‘snitch’ culture, or to step up and face his fears. Follows his passion for dance and rap, he ultimately makes that move out of the cycle of violence.


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