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Gary Goldfarb - Master Escapist

Librettist: Omri Schein; Composer: James Olmstead


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Musical Selections

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Gary Goldfarb
Penelope Spry
Gilda Goldfarb
Coach Rimsore/Miss Salmonelli/Mort Goldfarb
Cheryl Samatasinghar-Stein
Tyler Toolman/Harry Houdini


Gary Goldfarb dreams of performing dazzling illusions but in reality, Gary is an over-weight Jewish seventeen year-old from Ronkonkoma, Long Island. Gary hopes to sign up for his school’s annual Talent Show, supported by his friend Penelope, who secretly pines for him.

Gary is approached by Tyler Toolman, who reprimands him for signing up for the talent show, and insists that he’ll never find an assistant. GARY is refused by the popular Cheryl Samatasinghar-Stein. Penelope offers to take the spot as his assistant. Gary politely declines. The next day, Gary receives bad news. According to the rule book, there can only be one magic act in the talent show. Since Tyler signed up first, Gary  is  disqualified. Tyler taunts Gary, forcing him to perform an illusion. Gary obliges, but unfortunately fails.

Back at home, Gary discovers that his father Mort was an amateur magician. Later that night, Gary is visited by the ghost of his father. Mort recommends that Gary finds himself an image by attempting Harry Houdini’s Chinese Water Torture Cell Illusion.

At the talent show Tyler performs his creepy act. He is interrupted by Penelope, who chases him off the stage, running him over with her wheelchair. Gary performs a few successful illusions, climaxing with the Chinese Water Torture Cell. However, it fails. Gary is revealed floating  in the tank.

The scene shifts to limbo where Mort introduces Gary to famous magicians including Gary’s idol, Harry Houdini. Houdini lectures Gary to believe in himself. Gary awakens back in reality. Cheryl now having seen a different side to him attempts to seduce him. Gary sees through her scheme and rejects her. Gary makes Cheryl disappear in a puff of smoke, so he and Penelope can finally share a tender kiss.


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