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Flambé Dreams

by Matthew Hardy and Randy Klein


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Flambé Dreams can be performed in a restaurant, cabaret or theater space. The majority of the action takes place in various restaurant settings and at a Duane Reade pharmacy counter. In a restaurant, the Duane Reade counter should have it's own place in the space. In a cabaret we suggest putting the Duane Reade counter on the stage and blocking the rest of the action amongst the audience. In a Theatre, if possible, we recommend seating some of the audience members at tables on the stage for the actors to interact with and to help create the feel of a restaurant.

Joe Christiansen dreams of becoming a great Maitre d' like his father, who was killed in a freak flaming Bananas Foster accident. But Joe lives in a tiny Idaho town, with only one fancy restaurant and one Maitre d' position. After years of preparing to assume the position of Maitre d', Joe learns that the restaurant will be torn down to make way for a new shopping mall.

Joe decides to move to New York City, home of Le Cirque--the greatest restaurant on earth! But Joe's Mother, a child psychiatrist, worries that her son will not be able to handle the stresses of a big city and tries to dissuade him. A trial period is agreed upon, and Joe heads off to try his luck in NYC.

Having grown up without a father figure in his life, Joe is quick to make mentors of his employers and follows their advice to less-than-stellar results. Joe must also navigate romantic entanglements with Gloria, his off-kilter pharmacist, and Didi, a self-serving temptress with a fetish for Maitre d's.

After much perseverance, Joe sees his goal in sight. He has achieved the position of head waiter at the famed Le Cirque Restaurant and is on the fast-track to becoming a Maitre d’. But Joe’s mother, fearing that she may lose her son forever, reveals a dark secret that causes Joe to suffer a complete breakdown. In a fit of distraught bravado, Joe accidentally burns down Le Cirque, looses the girl he thought he loved and winds up lost and alone.

But just when things seem the darkest, Joe's long suffering pharmacist Gloria, comes to Joe's aid. Gloria helps Joe to find his connection with his father, forgive his mother, and claim ownership of his dreams…and everything ends happily -- in New Jersey.


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