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Cupid & Psyche

music by Jihwan Kim, lyrics and libretto by Sean Hartley 


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Musical Selections

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VENUS – A glamorous, self-centered, seductive, vindictive, funny, resourceful goddess. Although she is devoted to her son Cupid, she is not quite ready to admit that he is not a child any more. Age should probably be 35 to 50, but could be older. She is, after all, ageless.  Voice: Mezzo Belt with some jazzy high notes.

CUPID – A handsome, spoiled, charismatic, playful, cocky, self-centered, seductive, immature young god, who is just teetering on the brink between teenaged rebellion and adulthood.  He is embarrassed by his mother’s doting and ready to strike out on his own, not really understanding what love is, but intrigued. Once in love with Psyche, he becomes increasingly confused, tender and ultimately loving. Should probably look between 17 and 25. Voice: Rock tenor with high belt.

PSYCHE – A beautiful, thoughtful, intelligent, funny, skeptical, stubborn, determined mortal princess. Having been objectified her whole life for her beauty, she is not especially interested in love, but when she falls, she reveals a soft and tender side she has been hiding. To win back her love, she develops real grit and courage. Should probably look around Cupid’s age, early to mid-twenties. Voice: soprano with good mix.

MERCURY – A funny, silly, quick-witted, “class clown” of a god, he is Cupid’s best friend, enabler and side kick, but somewhat insecure and immature, especially concerning love. During the course of the show, he plays many different parts, and the actor should be comfortable switching in and out of silly voices, accents and attitudes. Should probably look between 17 and 25. Voice: Rock tenor with mid- to high belt.


Cupid & Psyche is a vibrant, vivacious retelling of the Greek myth. The book sparkles with sly wit as Venus (with the aid of Mercury, as himself and a cast of thousands!) tells the tale of her thwarted efforts to come between her son Cupid and the bright and beautiful Psyche, a mere mortal. The songs are by turns laugh-out-loud funny and achingly romantic, and the classical tale shines anew, making for a luminous, magical musical."


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