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A Country Christmas Carol

music and lyrics by Albert Evans, book and lyrics by Ron Kaehler

A Country Christmas Carol is ideal family holiday fare—fresh, engaging, often hilarious, and genuinely moving. It's a timeless tale of redemption and reunion, community and family, the kind of story that was made for country music.


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Musical Selections

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Eb Scrooge - character man, 60ish

Bobbie Jo Cratchit/Belle - young leading lady, 30s

Jane Cratchit/Child Fanny- girl: 12-13

Tim Cratchit/Boy Eb – boy: 8-9

Dwight Scrooge/Young Eb - young leading/character man, 30s, plays guitar

Lavinia/Spirit of Christmas Past – character woman, 50ish

Charley/Train Conductor/Delbert Kincaid/Spirit of Christmas Present
– middle-aged character man

Spirit of Christmas Future

An ensemble of Townpeople may be added.


Season’s Greetings from Marley County, U.S.A., where folks don't have a whole lot, but where everybody's doing what they can to make the Christmas holiday crackle. Except for one mean and miserly old coot who somehow misses the whole point. Ring a bell? It's Dickens' classic, dusted off and gussied up in a new country-western musical version with “a fun holiday twist and songs that get the toes tapping or touch the heart." ( Sarasota Herald-Tribune)

A Country Christmas Carol is a tale of redemption and reunion, community and family, filled with a feisty bunch of characters who deal head-on with life's joys and heartaches.  There’s Banker Scrooge, the meanest man in town; his secretary Bobbie Jo Cratchit, a young widow who sings like Patsy Cline and lives in a trailer community with her two small children, Jane and Tim; Scrooge’s lovable ne'er-do-well nephew Dwight; Lavinia, a good-ol'-girl with big hair and an even bigger heart; plus some decidedly Country Christmas spirits.

A Country Christmas Carol zooms by like a Christmas train.  It’s an inspirational and exhilarating show overflowing with the courage and grit of good folks celebrating the holiday season.


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