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The Book Of The Dun Cow

book by Mark St. Germain, music & lyrics by Randy Courts 

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Chauntecleer the Rooster – high bari/tenor

Mundo Cani the DOG

Pertelote the HEN

John Wesley Weasel 

Wee Widow Mouse

Wee Widow Mouse Children

Pertelote – mezzo soprano 

Chicks of Chauntecleer and Pertelote The Pins 

Beryl - Older Hen

Tick-Tock the Ant

Tick-Tock's Ant Workforce

Nimbus the Deer

Lord Russel the FOX

Ebenezer Rat 

Wyrm -Creature of Evil Under the Earth

Cockatrice  - Evil child of Cokatrice

Senex - Evil Rooster

The Basilisks -Soldiers of Wyrm

The Dun Cow - Goodness


Walter Wangerin's profound fantasy concerns a time when the sun turned around the earth and the animals could speak, when Chauntecleer the Rooster ruled over a peaceful kingdom. What the animals did not know was that they were the Keepers of Wyrm, monster of evil long imprisoned beneath the earth ... and Wyrm, sub terra, was breaking free.


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