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by Joe Bravaco, Larry Rosler and Peter Link


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Sundown is the story of the legendary Doc Holliday, who is torn between his love for a woman and what he believes is his duty as a man. It is about fate, friendship, and the transforming power of love.

It is late September, 1881, in Tombstone Arizona. As Sundown begins Doc Holliday, the dentist turned gunfighter and gambler, is caught in a struggle to save his life. After a brush with death in Arizona desert, Doc is convinced that it is time to put down his gun and return home to Baltimore. However, when he meets his old friend Wyatt Earp, his plans go haywire and his life takes off like a runaway train. Suddenly, Doc is swept up in Wyatt’s attempt to take over Tombstone. He’s back to drinking and gambling and runs afoul of the powerful Clanton family. In the midst of the madness, Doc meets “Cattle Kate” Fisher. She’s a rustler, a thief, and the best thing that ever happened to him. Unfortunately, he meets her at the worst possible time as events catapult him toward the Ok Corral and a gunfight that will make him an American legend. Throughout the story hover questions of the abuse of power and the extent to which an individual can influence his destiny.

Character Breakdown

Doc Holliday, early 30s, lyric baritone: A gambler and gunfighter, with the touch of the poet; he longs for a normal life

Woman in Black, 30s, soprano: An otherworldly figure who flirts with Doc

John Behan, 30s-40s, non-singing role: A pawn in the Clanton-Earp power struggle; a man in over his head

Billy Clanton, early 20s, tenor: Tries his best to emulate his older, tougher brother, but doesn’t have the heart for bullying

Ike Clanton, 40s, baritone: Head of the Clanton outfit; he’s used to getting his way and by force if necessary

Frank McClaury, 40s, 2nd tenor or lyric baritone: A cool and underhanded businessman

Tom McClaury, early 30s, baritone, with good falsetto: Hotheaded and edgy; he’s the muscle of the Clanton outfit

Morgan Earp, early 20s, tenor: Good natured and fun loving; he looks up to Virgil and Waytt

Virgil Earp, 40s: A level headed and responsible man of the law

Wyatt Earp, early 30s, 2nd tenor: Larger than life, a man with great ambition

Kate Fisher, early 30s, mezzo: Lives by her wits and by picking pockets; she yearns for a different life, the same as Doc.


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