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Spoolie Girl

Music and Lyrics by Rosemary Loar Book by Robert W. Atwood and Rosemary Loar

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Cast Description

SPOOLIE (teenager, any ethnic, high belt to F)
looks 16, emotional, strong-willed but sensitive and spontaneous.

FAIRY ROCK MOTHER (40s-50s, white, high belt to F#
a fairy.) Goal oriented but mercurial, quirky and emotionally extreme.

DARLA (40s-50s, white or Asian, mezzo/alto Belt to C#)
Spoolie’s aunt, high powered New York business woman, Type A personality.

EDDIE + MAN 1 (50s, African-American, any vocal range must be good with harmonies.)
Darla’s neighbor. Warm but “off-beat”, “marches to the beat of a different plumber.”
Also plays: salon patron, baby fairy, passerby on street, flower chorus, security guard.

(older adult male, any ethnic group any vocal range but must be able to sell a blues number and must be good with harmonies.)
no-nonsense corporate boss of fairy industry.
Also plays: high school student, person on street, flower chorus.

FRANK FRANK + MAN 3 (early 20s,white, pop tenor range to C# must be good with harmonies.)
egotistical charicature of a rock pop icon.
Also plays: salon client, baby fairy, tough boy, passerby, salon staff.

MANUEL + MAN 4 (30s-40s, Hispanic, pop sound tenor, must be good with harmonies.)
manager and right hand man of Darla’s salon. Dry, flamboyant, uncensored and sarcastic.
Also plays: baby fairy, nerdy boy, passerby, blind man, Mrs. Fluffernutter, flower chorus.

THE ANNOUNCER + WOMAN 5  (30s-40s, white, any vocal type,must be good with harmonies.)Also plays salon client, Sister Superior, baby fairy, small dog, Snowy, old lady, passerby, flower, Mara Nade.


Spoolie Girlis the story of a displaced orphan who comes to live with an aunt she has never before met.  Her aunt, a celebrity loving power figure in New York fashion, is so self-absorbed, she is immediately only concerned with improving the girl’s disheveled appearance.  Enter the Fairy Rock Mother, who puts magic snap on curlers into the girl’s hair thinking she is fulfilling her mission to beautify the world.  But Fairy Rock Mother has never understood that fairy makeovers are about internal beauty not physical change. Half way through the day at school, the teenager realizes she is hearing other students’ thoughts, playing in their minds as songs.  Already sensitive, the magic spoolies have made her even more attuned to other people.  She is now the “Spoolie, Spoolie, Spoolie, Spoolie Girl.” 

When Fairy Rock Mother realizes her mistake, she tries every device she can think of to get the spoolie curlers back, but to no avail.  At the same time, our “Spoolie Girl,” unable to gain her aunt’s affection or attention, becomes convinced that it is only her magic “spoolie” power that will make her famous enough to be important to her aunt.  Ultimately, confronted by Spoolie and with the accidental intervention of Fairy Rock Mother, Darla undergoes an internal makeover.  By the end, Spoolie, Darla and Fairy Rock Mother all achieve their “heart’s desire” and Spoolie learns she does not have to be famous to be loved.

The action takes place in the PRESENT (2014)in
a church mission in Kenya
the Upper East Side of Manhattan
the Land of the Fairies

The following artists are featured in the demo recordings.
'Take A Big Bite'- vocalist -Phoebe Strolle 'Look At My Look'- vocalist- David Pittu
piano-Jim Abbott
bass-Leo Huppert
drums- Gary Seligson
guitar-Roger Butterly


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