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Move And It's Yours

By Bill Weeden, David Finkle, & Sally Fay


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Musical Selections

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  • TITLE OF WORK: "Move It and It's Yours"
  • SELECT ONE: Original
  • MUSICAL STYLE: Broadway
  • NATURE: Comedy
  • STRUCTURE: Spoken dialogue with occasional songs
  • DESIRED INSTRUMENTATION: Onstage piano which is often the only instrumentation; otherwise, small acoustic band with occasional electric instruments.
  • BRIEFLY STATE THE THEME or MESSAGE: It's never too late to pursue your dreams.

Cast Description

CHARLIE: The leading role. In his forties, affable but missing something.

SUSAN/DIANE/ FERN/”2-B”: The women in Charlie’s life. Susan is 25-35, somewhat brittle but very sexy.  Diane is Charlie's age, likeable, controlling, interestingly quirky.  Fern is perhaps older than Charlie, a caretaker type, an earth mother. “2-B,” an attractively wide-eyed young woman, appears at the very end of the play.

RON/BUSTER: Ron is 30-45, a high-energy entrepreneur, plastic but undeniably attractive.  Buster is much older, a performance artist with an arty exterior but an enthusiastically childlike soul.

BRYNA/JEANIE: Bryna is in her 60s or 70s, a former Broadway chorus girl still brimming with life but more than a little overbearing.  A life force with a great sense of humor.  Jeanie is of indeterminate age, a lifelong nerd with a will of steel.

JARED/SHELDON: Jared could be any age.  He is a deceptively recessive control freak--geeky on the outside, unstoppable otherwise.  Sheldon is also ageless. A rock star wannabe, a talented musician with a calculated attitude of in-your-face.

ELOISE/CARESSE: Eloise is 20-30, strikingly beautiful, shallow but shrewd. Caresse is slightly older (up to 40), a street person with pathological traces, a sweet and kindly flake.

LOU: Middle-aged owner of a hardware store, unprepossessing and lonely.

SCOTT: Young boy (around 12), latchkey child, independent and resourceful to a fault,


“Move It and It’s Yours” tells the story of twice-divorced Charlie Ross, a middle-aged trade magazine editor who as a young man had wanted to be a songwriter-performer but years ago had abandoned his dream in exchange for a steady income. Now Charlie is about to embark on a third marriage when, due to unforeseen circumstances, he must get rid of the piano he has owned and played his whole life.  Offering the piano for free if someone will move it out of his apartment, he meets a raft of unusual people who unintentionally manage (through song and comedy) to change Charlie’s attitude and lead him back to his dream.


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